Beauty: 5 scientifically proven products that will make you look and feel more beautiful when battling exhaustion

‘You look tired’ – Thank you???

‘You look different’ – Yes, I have aged a decade in the past year. Working in fashion tends to do that to you.

‘Someone had a wild night’ – Sure did. It included scheduling an EDM, two articles and 3 cold coffees. One step closer to an espresso martini I say.

I used to be the girl with shiny skin, year round tan and re growth… what regrowth? My regular hair appointments would have fooled anyone into thinking I was one of those unique creatures, born with blonde hair and oddly dark eyebrows. You know… kind of like Kate Bosworth and her one blue and one hazel eye. I also used to laugh at girls who used to write about what they used to look like….but you know, life happened.

So here I am, dating my job and loving every glamorous and mostly not so glamorous moment of it. I work better at night so workdays are filled with appointments, followed by endless nights at the laptop. I run on about 5 hours sleep so it’s no surprise to say that come morning I look like the walking dead. In my quest to remain somewhat sane looking, I turned to some miracle workers and shortcuts. To my fellow night owls, do yourselves a favour and add these to your beauty arsenal.

The Mask

A few months ago I was flicking through the pages of Vogue and stopped on an interview with Cate Blanchett. While I would usually be drawn to the eloquently worded responses of my favourite actress I became fixated on her skin. Sure, magazines are photoshopped, but we have all seen her walk the red carpet and she always looks flawless. So I fell for the celebrity endorsement and purchased a pack of SK-II, facial treatment masks. I was hopeful but skeptical and after looking mummified for half an hour and sending numerous unnecessary snapchats, I faced the facts. The masks deliver on the hype. My face felt more hydrated and radiant for days to come. It has since turned into a weekend ritual and a necessity before any major event.

The Lipstick

Unless you have a personal make up artist at your beck and call or were born with a god given flawless complexion, then you would know that good make up takes time. Looking flawless while avoiding cake face is a part time job in itself and sometimes we just need a good distraction. Like a bold red lip that says, “I’ve got this” with an undertone of “don’t look at the bags under my eyes”. So on those days when I simply don’t have time to bring my face back to life, I let a red lip do the job. Plus there is something so powerful and sensual about a red lip. It never fails. Currently rotating between MAC in Russian Red and Ruby Woo and  Tom Ford in Cherry Lush.

The Concealer

I have dark circles under my eyes. I was born with them, quite literally. If time wasn’t of the essence I would photoshop some baby photos and have those cute #tbt moments on Instagram that every one else gets to enjoy. But ain’t nobody got time for that. So sleep or no sleep, a good concealer has been a part of my beauty arsenal forever. A heavy-duty option is non negotiable and while I have tested almost every option on the market, there is only one I turn to these days. The Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer is to me what Kanye is to Kanye. It’s love. If you are not as prone to deep set, dark circles, opt for the high precision retouch option.

All about that base ...

When you get to holiday in Europe for extended periods of time every year, it means one of two things. Option one is that you are a uni student who has lived on two minute noodles and worked two jobs to escape the daily grind with your gal pals. Option two, you have set yourself up and can now enjoy the fruits of your labour. I am currently stuck between the two. Swapping days spent lazing on the Croatian coastline with days spend on my couch behind my laptop has meant I am always in need of a not-so-fake, fake tan, that can be applied last minute. Say about an hour before an event when it dawns on me that I will be wearing a dress. In comes Lara to save the day. The Base instant tan offers instant depth of colour, that develops evenly sans the awful smell us ladies have grown accustomed to but men can pick up from the next room over. While I switch between a few favourite brands, this one delivers the best results when time is against you.

The hair saver

Here is the thing about chemically treated hair – you simply can’t wash it everyday. That is my story and I am sticking to it. However when I reach day 4 and know I need to do something about the topknot I have been rocking a few days too many, I know I need a quick fix. With my hair appointment still likely to be weeks away and my re-growth saying less ‘Kylie Jenner’ and more “I have given up on life” I turn to Kevin. The Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo will take your hair from tragic to Caroline De Maigret every single time. Adding volume and allowing you to style your hair into a somewhat messy wave easily, it’s a non-negotiable beauty arsenal you need in your handbag at all times.