Beauty: 5 essentials for every space according to the ultimate French beauty expert…

A few months ago work led us to the city of love and style, Paris. The city which offers a live, interactive, step by step guide to doing life right. So upon sitting and drinking from our bowls of coffee (you better believe it) we got to talking about beauty done as god intended, the French way. You see, having spent the better part of the morning applying all 22 products jammed into our ridiculously oversized beauty travel bags we thought there had to be another way. There had to be an easier way of achieving that “I don’t care but I still look like a model” look without applying all 500 products found on a MECCA counter.

So what are a pair (desperately) “Trying to be Parisian” gals to do?  Turn to Frederique Verley, Beauty Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris of course. Not only does she epitomize the essence of French beauty, she has tried, tested and had access to quite literally the best there is on offer.

We asked the Vogue veteran to share her beauty philosophy with us and let’s just say #goals…

I don’t use so much make-up because, as most of french women, I like to see the texture of the skin. So, I just apply some Radiant Touch concealer by YSL around the eyes and the nose, some charcoal khôl on the wetline and on the upper eyelid, not too precisely to keep a light smoky effect. A touch of lipbalm and that’s all… I like beauty, when it’s natural, simple, healthy… and a little boyish …

Inspired? You bet. The next step? Acting the part when we got home. Naturally, we also asked Verley to share her 5 beauty essentials for every space. The items which take centre stage in her bathroom, on her work desk and in handbag. Because after all ‘Parisian’ is a way of life. Read and learn…

In your bathroom…

  1. My Cream by Ioma, customized for my sensitive and dry skin
  2. Extra Rich Cream by Hervé Hérau, for its fantastic aqueous texture
  3. Aqua Vitae Perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, for its poetic smell
  4. Radiant Touch by Yves Saint Laurent, as a concealer and to erase redness
  5. Black Volcanic Mineral Kohl Eyeliner by Korres, for its perfect texture, not too smooth, not too dry

On your desk at work…

  1. Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by Clarins, for its addictive smell
  2. Beauty Elixir by Caudalie, to refresh my skin during the day
  3. Lip Balm Sweet Talk by Uka, for its smooth and not sticky texture
  4. Scalp Brush by S-Heart-S, for its relaxing action on the scalp
  5. Advanced Toothpaste by Regenerate, for its regenerate effect on the teeth

In your handbag…

  1. Magical Balm by Omoyé, if my skin turns too dry because of the air conditioned
  2. Original Lip Balm by Chap-Ice, I get plenty of them when I travel
  3. Hypnôse mascara by Lancôme, to intensify my look if I have a cocktail in the evening
  4. Radiant Touch by Yves Saint Laurent, again, because I use it all the time for retouching
  5. Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum by Dior, to have nice & natural nails