Hair: David Mallett

Insert fangirl moment here. Not ashamed to admit it… not even in the slightest. 

David Mallett. If the name doesn’t give you the same feeling as Christmas morning, then we have to ask what brings you to our website. On the off chance that you require a little introduction, let us summarise for you real quick – Paris’s best hairdresser and the name on every fashion it girls lips.

While David may consider this somewhat cliché, it has to be said that no one knows good style and good hair quite like the French. And if the crème de la crème of Parisian women are knocking on David’s fashionable salon door, then the rest of us should really be taking note.

Enter his iconic salon, located in the heart of Paris, in the Second Arrondissement, and you will be met with a 17th-century setting filled with a sense of airy ease and Parisian charm. Nestled in a 1640’s built mansion, the location offers a vast airy space perfectly adorned with simplistic furniture, herringbone flowing and a tasteful taxidermy collection so beautifully arranged is showcases the type of allure only the French could get away with. If the gorgeous setting is not enough, come on the right day and you may see the likes of Carla Bruni and Charlotte Gainsbourg swooning around with their perfect tresses.

As an Australian who has lived in Paris for more than twenty years and the city his own, we just had to spend a hot minute or ten with the man himself to talk all things hair and why the French do it best.


The location: 14 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris

We chose this location because: It was irresistible for what I was searching for in terms of the space, circulation and light quality. It’s also discreet; we are not visible to the world so it’s a perfect place for me to express my work

The philosophy of the salon: To make our clients extremely happy and have a happy team

The team are: Eclectic, international, dedicated, inspiring and very, very talented

The ambience: Is relaxed but not too much, friendly without being too friendly, elegant and professional

Loved by: Nearly everybody! People who have a like-way of thinking

Regulars include: Diane Kruger, Natalie Portman, Lea Seydou, Charlotte Gainbourg

Must take home products: Australian Salt Spray, Hair Serum, Volume Powder and our Gold Dust – it’s a must for a little bit of fun. It’s like a glass of champagne for your hair!

Can’t leave without our signature: Hair Serum… it was our first and our original product , the best-seller, which is divine, smells good and is fabulous for your hair

We are known: By word of mouth around the world for excellent complete service, natural not over worked hair, being down to earth, good at our job and trying to make our clientele very happy


What is your first hair memory?
Cutting a girlfriend’s hair in the Botanical Gardens in Perth.

What has been the most memorable fashion project you have worked on?
The Pirelli Calendar in Africa with Peter Beard with the most beautiful girls in the world we were on a safari on elephant backs for two weeks and it was absolutely incredible.

Talk to us about your signature?
My signature is sexy, natural, tussled hair . Not artificial, not stiff. Natural, beautiful, divine.

What is the secret to achieving bouncy, healthy hair?
Not destroying it, encouraging the hair, allowing the hair to express itself but also using the right products: I like soft Salt Spray, serums and products which encourage the hair to express itself. Also a good blow-dry!

You know we are about to go there…

What is the secret to achieving French girl hair?
It’s all about under-doing it and under washing it; a little bit of a blow dry at the end of the week, volume powder or dry shampoo and you are happy for life.

Who is your ultimate French girl muse?
It would be between Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg

What is the one thing French women will never do to their hair:
Cool French girls would never perm their hair

Who has the best hair in the business?
Giselle Bundchen and Stephanie Seymour

What products should women always have in their arsenal?
David Mallett Hair Serum and Australian Salt Spray, a Mason and Pearson brush, an Elnett hairspray and an elastic crochet

But if I had to choose just one it would have to be:
An elastic crochet

What is trending in colour this year?
Hair colour has become subdued, anti bi-tonal, its quite uniform but highly nuanced; the colours are natural, simple and sophisticated. Weird colour is out unless you want to be a bird of paradise.

What is trending in cuts?
There’s a lot of mid-length haircuts. It’s all about wave, soft dropped movement bowl shape cuts where hair falls flat around the face, framing it sometimes with a heavy fringe- it is all very cute and simple; a 60’s influence with a modern interpretation.

A woman’s hair should always be…
…an expression of who she is.