Hair: Gigi Hadid’s hot mess

A HOT, mess – is exactly how we describe Gigi Hadid’s hair look from this year’s LA Fashion Awards. It’s no secret that the ‘I woke up like this’ look is the hardest of all to replicate. Simple? Far from it. But we aim to make it accessible and replicate the look at home by getting the ‘how to’ from none other than our own hair extraordinaire, Jason Fassbender.

What is the best way to achieve those loose curls?
Apply a liberal amount of mousse such as Kérastase Mousse Bouffante, to towel dried hair and blast dry with your head flipped over. Once the root area is dry lifted and smooth over section by section with a round brush for a natural volume but leave the mids and ends about 20% damp.

Then add a texture spray such as Kérastase Spray á Porter and comb through for even distribution then take large sections of hair and using a hair tie that doesn’t ‘dent’ the hair too much (I love old school terry towelling elastics). Create a few loops by pulling a ponytail but don’t pull the tail all the way through on the final rotation of the elastic then blast with a hair drier on low speed but a high heat. Once hair is dried, leave to cool completely to set the shape.

Once your hair is cooled, remove the elastics, shake through with your hands and finish with a hit of Kérastase VIP Volume In Powder.


This look in 3 words… Lived in luxe

Best way to achieve the ‘hot mess’ look?
My advice for best achieving hot mess chic is to plan ahead! Blow-dry the night before and apply a healthy dose of dry shampoo to your fresh blow out. The rest is simple… Sleep on it – it’s next day perfection.

What not to do…
Don’t use a curling iron to try and create this look, it will set too much of a curl shape and you’ll look more like you’ve spent hours in front of a mirror frustrated and less like you’ve just stepped out the door without a second though to your hair.

Middle part is best suited to…
Centre parts can work on everyone if you add the right texture but only attempt sleek and straight if you’re an oval face shape and fairly symmetrically featured.

What if I’m a side part gal…
The same technique looks amazing on side parted hair just set it to the opposite side you would normally wear it and once dry, flip it over for added volume.