Hair: Jason Fassbender builds a strong case for Parisian hair

We have long established a few basic rules of Parisian hair. Long locks, an aversion to layers and a blunt fringe so thick it would make your cowlick quiver with fear. We have also long thanked Jason Fassbender for helping us create our own version of the Parisian dream. (If the name rings a bell, that would be because our very own hair guru was recently voted as the Australian Hairdresser of the Year, but heck who are we to brag…) Now back to that Parisian hair. For many moons now we have been resisting layers and fighting the desire to have a little fun but during a recent salon visit Jason made an argument for a shag so powerful, we not only inserted layers but had to share the reasoning behind it with you.

The past few seasons have seen a slew of models and fashion insiders paying homage to Patti Smith and her signature shag hair cut. Freja Beha Erichsen was the first to take the plunge way back in 2011 but now that runway favourite Mica Arganaraz and perennial IT girl Alexa Chung have adopted the look there’s no denying, it’s a bona fide trend. Patti wasn’t the only one championing the look, Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks and Nancy Spungen all loved a good shag, and while Patti maintained her do by taking matters into her own hands, we suggest you leave the scissor work to the professionals.

The perfect shag lies in three elements. It’s time to ditch the blunt baseline and embrace a lash-grazing fringe and plenty of textured layers. Styling your new mane’s a breeze, a healthy dose of Kevin Murphy Hair Resort and a blast with your drier will keep you looking like you’ve just stepped out of NYC’s Hotel Chelsea circa 1970!