Hair: Richard Kavanagh and Redken for Jayson Brunsdon

Richard Kavanagh, hair stylist god in TWAINs' eyes, travels all over the world creating looks for some of the most coveted fashion shows, campaigns and editorials. You only have to check out his Instagram feed to know he's one of the most sought after hair stylist in the country - and we can appreciate why!

Richard was director of hair for the Jayson Brunsdon show 'I Am What I Am' which was debuted at Mercedes Fashion Week Australia this week. He took time out of his busy schedule to run us through the look.


Can you tell us where the inspiration for this ultimate textured style came from?


It was inspired by Jayson's collection as well as nineties supermodels. It was all about a tough, yet feminine girl.

Texture was the key to this look and it was pulled back in a tight textured ducks tail with the length left free.


Richard, what products do we need to achieve this look at home?


To achieve this look I used Redken Rootful and Guts 10 & Forceful 23.

Guts 10 provided the right amount of volume I needed at the roots.


Images via Style Icons