Hair: Lazy girl hair products to live by – and why they will change your life

Instagram life versus real life. Let’s get serious for a moment. All those #bosslady selfies of women with perfectly styled hair and designer outfits are make believe, kind of like Santa and the tooth fairy. Because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to wake up early, sweat it out at the gym and roll into work looking like you just had your hair and makeup professionally done just in time to document that all important #somethingspecialiscomingsoon meeting all before 8am. For those women who question their very existence after seeing these posts, we are here to tell you, it can all be done but done in sweats and a top knot. Even for those working in fashion, glamorous days are far and few between. So for us mere mortals who actually have to work without a glam squad in tow, we asked our go-to hair experts to share the lazy girl products will make that weekly blowout last the distance…


Sam Overton

That’s a tough one… two products I can’t live without when styling hair are volume dust and salt spray. They give great hold, texture, volume and really do help create that effortless look everyone wants with ease. They are my go-to products for most styles I create and if I had a 3rd option it would have to be hairspray… 

Jess – Edwards & Co

The R and Co ‘dry shampoo paste’ – it will change your life and give you that perfect next day lived-in hair texture with its gritty, dry touch finish and just the right amount of weight.

Grant Norton – Education Director at Evo Hair

Evo Hair Water Killer dry shampoo is a must for the lazy girl, the party girl and the girl next door. Do yourself a favour, change your life and save water by spraying water killer into the roots and throughout the hair where needed. This miracle spray will give you that much-needed lay-in and save water at the same time. this will reduce oil and add texture and body to your hair.
My top tip: after day two or three add some she Bang a Bang dry wax spray through the mid lengths and ends to add shine and playability.

Anthony Nader – Raw Hair

Hands down has to be the David Mallett Volume Powder. It’s like nothing anything else I’ve worked with in the 20 something (cough-cough clears throat) years of being in this wonderful industry. It’s the lightest and most translucent powder that will give your lifeless strands an instant boost to look like you’ve starred in your very own Chloe campaign. Beautiful, undone, yet polished hair – now that is my go-to.