Hair: How to wash your hair like a pro with Grant Norton

Grant Norton knows a thing or two about hair… and not just ordinary hair. We’re talking runway-worthy, trendsetting, stop the traffic kinda hair. The award-winning salon owner, stylist, international educator and EVO hair ambassador has more than 25 years of globetrotting experience behind him. Having travelled the world, educating the international hair industry on the latest techniques and trends, we knew he was our man to turn to for tips on creating the perfect base. Because we know washing your hair the correct way takes more than your mum’s shampoo and a good lather. It also doesn’t mean using a whole bottle of dry shampoo before your next wash either… here is what you need to know.

Are there any tips for prolonging your hair wash?

Ah we do like the fresh feel of hair and scalp after a good shampoo and condition. The biggest tip I can give to prolonging your hair wash is using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. During your consultation, your professional stylist should analyse your scalp and hair and then recommend the correct regime.

As an example if your hair is coloured and course in texture, I would recommend evo The Therapist shampoo and conditioner as this has protein to protect and moisture to smooth the hair. This has a gentle cleansing action and is sulfate and pareben free.

How often should we be washing our hair?

Generally every other day – even though I’m a every day type of bloke. It also depends on either the scalp or the hair style. People who have an oily scalp tend to wash their hair more often, but this can make the oil glands over active and produce more oil, this can be a very slippery slope especially if they are not using the correct shampoo. People with oily scalps and hair tend to move towards a more clarifying shampoo that can remove oil but can also remove the natural goodness from the mid- lengths and ends of their hair.

My top tip here is to use evo Normal Persons Shampoo on damp hair and use your palms rather than your fingertips. This removes the oil from the root of the hair shaft while gently removing oil from the scalp with out over stimulating the oil glands.

How are we meant to be washing our hair? 

I always recommend sulfate free shampoos as these don’t produce the same amount of foam/bubbles.

You should always double shampoo. The first shampoo removes the outer layer of dirt and product and with the second shampoo you will see and feel much more of a luxurious feel.

Hair washing myths?

Don’t believe everything you read on a bottle of shampoo!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great regime but you do get what you pay for.