Hair: The truth about going platinum blonde… and staying there…

Show us a woman that has not considered going platinum blonde at some point in her life and we will show you a unicorn.

When it comes to matters of hair and beauty, some things are so rare that we like to place them neatly in the mythical category along with Aladdin and the tooth fairy. This, my friends, includes women who have never died their hair. More specifically, women who have not caved to the likes of Kim K. and a desire to transform their look entirely by going platinum blonde (hold your horses, it’s not about whether you love or loathe the Kardashian’s but rather about the hair transformation that launched a million peroxide fairies)….

Now, having gone through several shades of blonde ourselves, we can completely understand the rush that comes with sitting in a salon chair, with the whiff of bleach ever so gracefully punching you in the face and the sound of foil playing music to your ears. But a girl whose best friend also happens to be nominated as Australian Hairdresser of the Year can afford to take such risks.

But what does that mythological creature that has never taken the plunge before need to know? When a touch up is not a phone call away and regular treatments are not in the equation, these are the facts you need to consider before going platinum blonde, according to hairdresser extraordinaire Jason Fassbender (that guy on Instagram that wear’s all the Gucci).

Fact: Only 2% of the world’s population have blonde hair, it’s the rarest of all hair colours yet the most requested in salon service.When Kylie Jenner ‘accidentally’ went platinum it sent a tsunami of clients into salons around the world clutching photos of the reality star as blondespiration. While this has been great for driving increased demand for professional services, it has also left many a Jenner wannabe’s increasingly disappointed. So if becoming the fairest of them all is your ultimate heart’s desire, we’ve devised a no-nonsense guide to help you on your path to platinum.


Getting there… 

As with anything good, achieving a great blonde takes time. Everyone’s hair is different and responds uniquely to the process of lightning and as such there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to creating the perfect shade of pale. The two things that effect the time it takes to lighten your hair the most are, your previous colour history and your base shade. Virgin hair will always respond to the lightening process quicker than hair the has previously been coloured and a lighter base shade will lift out easier than anything dark.

When working on keeping the hair in optimum condition things can be a slow process, initial sittings can take anywhere from three to six hours depending on the desired result. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t leave the salon after your first visit looking like Marilyn Monroe, when taking in to consideration time and budgetary constraints the results seen on celebrity clients after one sitting are often unrealistic.


The old adage ‘you get what you pay for‘ rings loud and true when it comes to the subject of blondes. There are many things many people can successfully undertake at home, BLEACHING YOUR HAIR IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

Lightening hair to a platinum level takes professional knowledge and professional products, one wrong step and your dreams of serving some serious Gwen Stefani realness could end up having you look more like Winona Ryda circa Edward Scissorhands. The initial process is usually where the big bucks need to be spent but once your desired hue is achieved, maintaining your mane shouldn’t break the bank. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done first visits can range anywhere from $300 to $600 with subsequent touch ups around the $200 to $250 mark.


Now you’re there, a vision of platinum perfection, protecting your investment should be a top priority. Professionally recommended at home care, including a weekly treatment, is a must to ensure colour longevity and premium condition. Insist that L’Oréal Smart Bond be added to your colour service to minimise the effects of bleach on the bonds of the hair during the colouring process and the Kérastase Résistance range is a sure fire way to keep strands in tip-top shape between salon visits. Your favourite #instablonde screenshots are almost always taken straight from the stylist’s chair after a colour service and a fresh, sexy blowout. The more you wash your hair the more your tone will fade, it’s a fact, but pop into the salon between visits to top up your tone and you’ll always be selfie-ready.

So now you’re armed with all you need to make the transition to the light side as safe and smooth as possible it’s time to go forth and conquer, but remember, always leave the hard work to the professionals.