Beauty: Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – your frozen eyebrows

Let’s be honest. The saying ‘never say never’ is a bitch and will come back to bite you in the bum when you least suspect it. Or should we say, it will come back and inject you right in the heart of those little frown lines you once showcased when someone mentioned the mere word ‘botox’.

Now, we will be the first to admit that we once judged what we did not understand. Let’s blame it on the women who took their recommended 40 units and added what would seem like a double digit on the end to give Frozen a whole new meaning, the stuff of nightmares not fairytales. But truth be told, if you are a woman with a heartbeat, the question of ageing gracefully or delaying the process will always be a topic of contention, whichever side of the fence you sit on. Resting somewhere in the middle, we decided to speak all things botox with a man who knows exactly what it means to erase a line or two, Dr. Glenn Murray, Medical Director at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine. 

First things first, what really is Botox?
Botox is a protein, which at low doses blocks nerve conduction to a muscle. It is a bit like pulling out the plug to a lamp. It stops the muscle working. Unfortunately, it has been given the name of a toxin and indeed at extremely high doses 3-30,000 times higher, it can be a toxin. At low doses, it is a beneficial protein that is used in many parts of medicine such as cerebral palsy in children. This dose given to children is 300 times higher than what is given to people wanting a cosmetic effect.

What will botox in my forehead feel like?
Botox in the forehead can feel like a slight pressure sensation if numbing cream or ice is used or small sting like sensations as the tiny needles are used to insert it. Over the first 2 weeks’ people have differing sensations. Everything from nothing at all other than a relaxed feeling, to some heaviness that is perceived as the patient gets used to the lack of movement. Usually, patients report the second treatment is much less worrisome and they just experience a relaxed feeling.

Will I lose my frowning emoji?
Yes, unfortunately your frowning emoji will go if the frown has been treated. Although many people like a more natural look where they have a very slight frown or they can frown on extreme emotions.

Does botox mean I can throw away all my anti-ageing creams?
No, Botox doesn’t mean you can throw away all your anti-ageing creams – but probably about half of them. It is also wise to be on a good alpha hydroxy acid anti-aging cream, a good sunscreen and to avoid the sun.

I’m 28. Grandma says I’m too young but I want to erase those fine lines….
Age is a funny measure really. We have all met 50-year-old men that are big kids and we have met 28-year-old people who seem to be wise beyond their years. In cosmetics, it is a bit like this as well, some people can have a very deep frown and hate it so Botox is an appropriate solution to treat this frown and also to avoid further aging.