Beauty: Lip fillers, we know you have been Googling them …

Lip fillers. The ‘not-so-secret’ secret of the modern day woman.

When it comes to beauty, it was not that long ago that lip-injectables were reserved for a small section of the population. Mainly celebrities and women on cruises who wore bright Missoni dresses, perfectly matched to their bright orange tans and platform heels.  Nowadays, however, women are rocking more luscious lips so perfectly shaped that it leaves us stalking 120 photos deep to try and figure out… did they? And before we know it, we are having to swallow our Kylie Jenner mocking words as we Google the in’s and out’s of lip-fillers.

As accessibility to this modern day trend grows, however, so do the numbers of lip injectable nurses and professionals.  More common than pay phones, finding someone who will get you a step closer to fuller lips has never been easier, but finding someone who will deliver a subtle look has never been harder. The question that remains, however, is if you want to walk away leaving people guessing, or whether you want to spend your days trying to convince people your pout is a result of some serious sucking on a plastic cup (Jenner, you never had us fooled). 

We turned to medical director and Perth’s lip master Dr. Glenn Murray of Absolute Cosmetic Medicine to get all those important questions answered…

Pain threshold. Let’s get real, on a scale of 1 to 10…

The old saying “no pain no gain” is something we don’t really agree with. A fully Health Department licenced clinic can offer many different pain preventing modalities. This can be from numbing creams to nerve blocks, laughing gas, right up to sedation in those who are extremely concerned with discomfort. Nerve blocks seem to be the most effective as local anaesthetic stops the sensation from the injections being transmitted to the brain. Afterwards, the discomfort is about 1/10 although everyone is different.

How big is the needle?

The needle is very small, a 30-guage needle. It is a bit bigger than a hair.

How swollen will my lips be in the immediate aftermath? Can I go straight to a date or should I be hiding in a dark corner of the room …

The swelling once again is varied and we always instruct patients to be careful planning big events for at least 1-5 days. It is also affected by the use of aspirin, anti-inflammatories and the menstrual cycle. You shouldn’t go on a big date but you don’t need to hide in a dark room either.

Will kissing feel the same?

Great question. No one has ever complained that it hasn’t felt the same but it depends on the volume. You must remember that you can have a small amount to get back the volume you can lose due to age, right up to the Kardashian look. So, we would have to ask Kanye if the kiss feels the same…

What is the one question I should be asking my injectables nurse?

There is certainly more than one question you should ask your injectable nurse. The main concern nowadays is that patients see an experienced doctor beforehand. It is very rare for something to go wrong, but if it does you need an experienced doctor to assist you as most things are easily fixable. The next important one is “what training have you undergone?”. We are extremely concerned with some of the poor training that happens nowadays and we have had to completely retrain some nurses that have come from other clinics to work for us.

What shape should I choose for my lips?

We often describe shapes as everything from the Angelina Jolie look to the Michelle Pfeiffer look. Overall you should try not to modify your lips too much but rather enhance what you’ve already got. It is very important to follow the ratio of natural beauty which is where 60% of the volume goes in the bottom lip and 40% in the top lip. An even thickness of 50/50 is acceptable but a reverse ratio where the upper lip is much bigger can look extremely fake. We have noted over the last few years that this has become popular but strangely enough, it is often from injectors who look, as patients would describe them, a bit weird themselves. Body dysmorphic disorder can occur in the population at large but also it can occur in the cosmetic practitioners themselves. Our opinion is to avoid these people if you want a natural look.