Makeup: Foundations that won’t make you look like Trump on camera

Selfies. The twenty-first-century self-portrait. Whether the mere word excites you or makes you shudder (blame it on Kim K.), an up close and far too personal photo plastered all over social media is no longer a choice but a fact of life. While you may try to avoid a little self-indulging, we know you have that one friend that just won’t leave an event without a few photos to mark the occasion (because if it’s not on Instagram, did it even happen). So what is a girl to do when spending hours on end editing selfies is really not a life option? Turn to the right foundation ofcourse.

The Beauty Editors love…

Eleanor Pendleton, Editor, Gritty Pretty ... Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation is my current go-to. It’s the perfect dewy liquid foundation, which is buildable and offers a medium coverage. It glides on but still allows skin to look like skin.

I am all for La Mer’s new Skincolor De La Mer foundation. It goes on like a tinted moisturizer, meaning skin looks like skin, and has the same key ingredient as the brand’s skincare line, so it treats as you wear it. In photos it looks like the model is wearing nothing at all – explains Chloe Brinklow, Tomboy Beauty.

The makeup guru loves

Max May…

Selfies and sets are two very very different kinds of places when it comes to skin texture in my eyes. What looks great through a high-res, professional camera under light versus an iPhone are two very different things. The key to most selfies let’s be honest is Facetune or a good blurring filter from Snapchat (we’ve all been there).

On set, through a high-res lens my go-to foundation is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s what I describe as a luminous matte foundation that has a versatile-enough-coverage that you can build where you need it and blend where you don’t. It’s this coverage versatility that enables you to get the perfect skin tone balance and the finish that attracts and reflects the light, making skin look vibrant and youthful. It’s the blending of this foundation so you can see your natural skin texture, that will make your skin look great in real life too!
Now when it comes to maximising the results of this foundation for a selfie, a good window with lots of soft light to wash over your face allowing the foundation to do it’s thing is key!

Gilbert Soliz, Global makeup artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty

Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate creates a flawless smooth finish by perfecting imperfections.

Instamarc light filtering contour powder, this finely milled powder sculpts the perfect cheekbones & creates a beautiful highlight giving the face dimension.