Makeup: All about the lips

Remember those ten thousand times you vocally swore you would never get your lips done and then all those Kendall Jenner posts just started to get the better of you. But you continued to resist the movement until one day you came across a photo of Jenner with vividly poutier lips. But how is a girl to get lip injections after she swore on her left Gucci that she would never? And more importantly, how is a girl to get away with it after pointing out her top lips disappearing act when she smiles. For lip’s sake, grandma was right – never say never. So at the risk of swallowing our own words, we did the only natural thing possible (pun intended). We turned to some of the world’s most renowned makeup artists to talk – non-injectable, delicious lips.

To all the Kylie Jenner circa 2013 girls of the world, this one is for you.

Gilbert Soliz, Global makeup artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty

The one ‘must do’ step before applying a red lip ...
Use concealer and a small brush to perfect the edges.

How to get fuller lips without injections…
Opt for light, pinky-nudes to give the illusion of a fuller pout. ENAMORED high shine lip lacquer provides high shine. My go to for bigger lips is Sugar Sugar.

Max May

The one ‘must do’ step before applying a red lip?
Scrub/buff your lips with a warm damp towel!

How to make your lips bigger sans injections…
Get injections! Kidding… use a powder highlighter to highlight the cupid’s bow of your top lip.

If that’s not enough, use a skin coloured lip pencil to line the outside of your lip. When I do this I lay the pencil on its side and shade around the exterior of the lip. You can fade it off with some foundation after, before applying your desired lip colour. It’s like contouring your cheeks with a bronzer before you apply blush but with a pencil and around your lips!!

Ali Buss

The one ‘must do’ step before applying a red lip?
I always ensure my clients’ pout is perfectly primed! Use a lip balm (Lanolips is a great one), lip conditioner (I like MAC’s hydrating lip conditioner) or just your everyday Lucas pawpaw ointment to ensure your lips are moisturised and soft, ready for your lipstick application! There is nothing worse than dry, chapped lips when trying to pull off a bold, bright colour as it draws attention to the flakiness and causes ‘cracks’ in the colour.

To get that dreamy succulent pout, just dab the product lightly onto your lips so they are supple and ready for the lip colour. My tried and tested tip: do this at the beginning of your makeup routine so that by the time you reach the lipstick stage (usually the last step), the product has had time to settle into your lips resulting in a beautifully hydrated pout! This step will also assist with the longevity of your lippy!

How to make lips bigger sans injections… 
To give the appearance of fuller-looking lips, there are a couple of methods you can try. The first is to slightly overdraw your lips using a lip liner. When doing this, you want to only outline the outer edge of the lip and no further. Make sure you bring the liner down to the inner corners of the mouth and do not overdraw this area or you’ll end up resembling something of a clown! Also, if you fill the centre of the lip with a paler liner, lipstick or gloss than the edge of the lips, this will further create the illusion of a fuller, plumper looking lip. My last tip would be to add a highlight to the cupid’s bow and to the edge of the top lip. This is a fail-proof step to instantly achieving a fuller pout – and who doesn’t love that!


Brittany Sullivan

The one ‘must do’ step before applying a red lip?
A red lip will obviously draw more attention to your pout so make sure your lips are adequately moisturized (but not slick otherwise the product will not stay) and take the extra time to use a lip scrub if necessary to create the perfect canvas!

How to make your lips look bigger sans injections…
My favourite for making lips appear larger is to use two different lip pencils – one slightly lighter – the dimension of highlights and shadows will create a fuller effect! Keep the lighter portions in the center of your lip for a plumping effect and add the darker along the edges and corners! My current fave nude shades are by NYX – there are so many different nude options and they are super inexpensive!

Giorgia Skye 

The one ‘must do’ step before applying a red lip?

Let me give you 5… 

  • Step 1. I always make sure to apply a hydrating lip balm before any lipstick application. My favourites are Lanolips & Rosebud salve
  • Step 2. I then like to dab a small amount of foundation or concealer over the lips to neutralize the natural lip colour (it makes the lipstick last twice as long)
  • Step 3. Then I outline and colour in the lips with lip liner to create the perfect shape and depth prior to lipstick application. This gives the lips an extra coat of primer
  • Step 4. I then use a lip brush to carefully fill in lips with colour. An angled brush is ideal for creating a perfectly defined red lip
  • Step 5. You can skip this step but if you want a super matte lip look, I like to gently dust a pressed powder over lips to set the lipstick colour.

How to get fuller lips without injections…
I like to use two shades of lip liner, one darker and one lighter

  • Step 1. Fill your lips in with the lighter colour
  • Step 2. Line your lips with the darker shade and use a lip brush to blend them seamlessly together (you can over line a little for an extra pout)
  • Step 3. Apply desired lipstick colour over the top
  • Step 4. Add some clear gloss just to the centre of the lips
  • Step 5. To finish off – add just a touch of highlighter to the cupid’s bow