Makeup: All about those lips

With a resume that would leave the most seasoned of makeup artists feeling a little green with envy, Misty Fox is a name well established amongst Toronto’s entertainment industry. The former model turned makeup maven has been responsible for painting some of the most recognisable faces in television and film but if we’re really being honest, she had us at Alexa Chung and a little brand called Mulberry.

As the host of her very own ET makeover show in Toronto, we knew Fox was our girl to turn to for a little lip action. Because we have been dying to rock those Bella lips sans the injections and high probability of pout trout. As it turns out, it takes a lot more than three layers of your favourite colour to rock lipstick the right way. Here Fox talks us through all we need to know to achieve runway worthy lips at home.

For a full looking lip (sans injections)…
Overdraw your lips with highly pigmented matte liner and/or a matte stain and then a highlighter product on the cupid’s bow! Nude shimmers can also make lips stand out because they catch and bounce the light.

For that cherry kissed lip?
Fresh Lip Sugar in ‘Cherry’ or Doctor Pepper Lip balm 

Longer lasting lip colour is all about…
Drinking through a straw! And staying hydrated. 

Steps for pre-preparing the lips?
Sleep with a rich lip balm or night time lip treatment product. There is a great one that actually renews the surface of your lips, it’s from Dermalogica, I use it, it is called Lip Renewal complex. I go between that and Lucas’ Paw Paw. You can also exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub.. if your lips are still dry, check that you are drinking enough water throughout your day. 

To make your lips your face feature, you need to…
Go with a bold lipstick shade, something you are drawn to, a shade that makes you feel powerful and sexy. If you want to make your lips the focus of your face, then just lightly define your eyes. If you want more glamour, use false lashes to amp up your look, but keep your lids clean and neutral. 

Lip liner – is it for everyone?
Lip liner is an option, it adds dimension and a clean edge to your lipstick application, some liners are even formulated to stop the bleed, such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat liner range, I would stay away from any lipliner that is lighter or brighter than the lipstick shade you intend to use with it. 

Go to lip colours this season?
2017 Fall/Winter, is leaning towards deep crimson,  soft goth tones. Blood reds and deep plums to almost black. If you have trouble wearing this kind of lip, try it with a bright poppy blush and some crushed gold eyeshadow.. it will bring it to life and add some glamour to your look. 

All about Misty

Matte or gloss kind of girl? If I am wearing red it is almost always matte, but I love a baby soft nude glowy gloss, like Clinique Chubby Sticks or Dior Glow.  Marc Jacobs makes amazing glosses also.. my glosses tend to be nude or subtle. 

Popped lip or something subtle? On a daily basis, I am more of an eyeliner girl. I work on set and in ever-changing environments, I am heavily focused on my actor’s faces rather than my own…so a waterproof cat eye is my go to. 

Day lip colour of choice? I am in love with Beauty Counter’s lip sheer range. I use Petal, Twig and Currant. They are a natural beauty company which are entirely clean and free of nasties. 

Come night time… A matte red stain of course.. classic candy red – think 1940’s

Lip balm of choice? Lucas Paw Paw 

Go to lip brands? In my kit, I have a trove of Make Up Forever lipsticks!  They have the absolute best range of lip colours – you can find anything you want and they are super soft and moisturizing. I love Charlotte Tilbury too, Bite Beauty, Zuii Organic, Beauty Counter and I have also been into Pur Minerals Lip Gloss sticks!! They are lovely.