Makeup: What shade of lipstick suits your hair colour

When it comes to makeup trends, lips are having a moment. Open any magazine or editorial and bold lips are likely to be the focal point. You can thank a certain family of plump lipped social media mavens for bringing back a banging lip… 

While we would all love to rock a bold red colour, truth be told, we can’t have it all and wear it all. Like all good things in life, there is no one fits all criteria. When it comes to lipstick shades we should be more concerned with what suits our hair colour and existing features than the latest fad or shade. In a quest to find our perfect lip shade we turned to Revlon Makeup Director for Australasia (pictured below) Melanie Burnicle to break down shades according to hair colour.


With blondes you really can have lots of fun with colour.

It’s not just about the hair it is also about the skin tone, if you hair is fair and your skin tone is fair a very light shade in lipstick can make you look washed out.

The perfect shade of red would be…  I think blondes can really pull off all shades of red from dark berries, oranges and blue based reds. If your skin throws warmth then I would avoid the warmer shades based reds.

What kind of nude would work best… If you have really fair blonde hair make sure the nude has a little depth to it. You want to avoid your hair skin and features all looking monotone. Use a nude similar to the natural colour of the lip.

What colours should blondes avoid… Anything that makes the skin tone look sallow which would be a nude that makes the skin look wishy-washy.

Blondies, don’t be shy to… Use that amazing dark berry shade that’s in. Bright or intense lip colours looks brilliant on blondes and lips can be made a real feature with blondes – have some fun!

To make your blonde stand out, opt for… A lip colour that is darker than your hair – it will really pop.



Is there any shades that a brunette should avoid? I would say pastel pinks

To make your eyes pop, brunettes should wear… I love a brunette with a soft nude or a beautiful red

The perfect shade of red would be… Blue-based red is the way to go!

What kind of nude would work best… Depending on your skin tone Brunettes can wear many shades of nudes even a very pale nude – I do love a caramel nude on a brunette

What colours should brunettes avoid… I would say pastel shimmery pinks eek!

Don’t be shy to… Try a beautiful crimson red


Is there any shades red heads should avoid? Colours that will wash them out, pale cool nude shades would be the biggest no no

The perfect shade of red would be… I love a berry red or an orange-based think 1950’s Hollywood starlet

What kind of nude would work best… Nudes are best with a warm hew as a greater percent of red heads are fair skin stone having a warm shade in the nude will bring a vibrancy and energy to the skin

What colours should red heads avoid… Colours that will wash them out, pale cool nude shades would be the biggest no no

Don’t be shy to… Play with colour! Your hair is vibrant so play with vibrant lip colour to complement your shade of red hair.