Makeup by Max Made.

Makeup: You’re doing it all wrong – the one make up step that is underestimated but is a must

Makeup heartache is dropping a week’s worth of wages at MECCA and still leaving the house looking more like the bad side of coffee and less like a Parisian it-girl. As it turns out, an expensive foundation and a red lip are not all it takes to look the part. A bummer, since we’re really not into a 15 step-contouring program or a morning beauty ritual that takes more than 5 minutes. You see that Parisian vibe we lust over – it’s more of a matter of practicality ladies. So instead of adding numerous steps to our routine, we asked some of the industry’s finest about those all important steps that can make a world of difference.

Max MayCelebrity MUA, LOVE TWAIN daily stalks and the source of endless skin envy…

Just one??? There are two steps in every makeup routine no matter how detailed or simple that can totally enhance your face shape and improve the finish of your look! The first is curling your lashes with a lash Curler before Mascara. It not only opens your eyes but makes your lashes look longer and thicker. The second is filling or grooming your brows. If you’re not coordinated enough or too time-poor to shade them in with a pencil or shadow (use one shade light than the natural colour of your brows) use a tinted brow gel like Tarte Tinted Brow Gel ( there are 4 colours to choose from) to define and brush brow hair up, defining the shape. This often forgotten step, when done, can open your eyes and give you a mini face lift!!! 

Makeup by Giorgia Skye

Ali Buss – LOVE TWAIN’s local go to make up guru

I feel as though a makeup step that is completely underestimated is using a primer. I cannot stress the importance of the use of a primer enough! Creating a beautifully hydrated base is fundamental to flawless makeup application. I always make sure my clients skin is well moisturised prior to applying. My favourite primers are MAC’s skin base visage and the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer! Two staples for my kit!

Giorgia Skye 

Prepping the skin prior to applying a foundation is a must! It’s so important to use the correct skincare and primers for your skin type prior to applying your makeup as it ensures protection of your skin and longer lasting makeup while creating a smooth and even canvas and reducing redness and large pores.

Makeup by Brittany Sullivan

Brittany Sullivan:

Maybe super boring but SO important – don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you start your makeup! Even if I’m not heading to the beach and am just sitting in my car (in traffic because I live in Los Angeles) I can feel the sun beating down on my face. I can always add bronzer to my makeup but I can’t as easily reverse the effects of sun damage so sunscreen is a must! Some bases do have a great amount of sunscreen in them and I love that, especially when I am on location shoots – looking at you, IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+!