Other: D.S. & Durga

In New York… concrete jungle where (perfume) dreams are made of…

What do you get when you combine a musician and an architect living in the big apple? You get stories of half-remembered legends, whimsical events, and foreign lands told trough scent rather than lyric. The kind of scent which evokes connotations with the old, the well- traveled and historical,  with inspiration taken from nature’s finest elements. Think a quaint New England town, the ocean or a forest in the middle of nowhere, where the air is fresh and the horizon endless. The kind of fragrance worn by New York’s finest artists and creatures, while hanging at the local coffee shop (the one you would probably walk straight past) or the local record store.

The packaging alone is enough to entice with each bottle presenting the type of aesthetic that belongs in the bathroom of an architectural digest magazine. Combined with complex and luxe scents, sourced from the finest ingredients, it’s little wonder D.S. & Durga perfume house has taken on a cult status.

The duo behind the coveted perfumes are husband and wife David and Kavi Moltz who started their perfumery journey by making scents for friends and family back in 2007. Since then, the desire to create an experience through scent has taken on a global focus. As David, the former musician continues to mix notes of a more fragrant kind, Kavi continues to pour her architectural knowledge into the packaging of these luscious scents.

Here we chat D.S. & Durga with the dynamic duo.

The DS & DURGA story goes…
Musician meets architect on the street and makes some scents. Woman designs their homes. DSD is born.

Why fragrance?
It has an ability to transport the mind immediately to far off magical places.

Our fragrance philosophy is…
Spare no expense on the juice. Give as much information as possible as to what is going on in the fragrance. Make the scent true to the story. Make it as realistic as possible. Highlight rare and interesting raw materials no matter how hard it is to procure them.

Our production process…
Small batches hand made in New York. All stages overseen by us. All materials sourced by us. All formulas created in house.

Our difference…
We are perfumer and designer owned. We don’t outsource our ideas to other perfumers and designers. All ideas are our own. We have the freedom to use anything under the sun (within regulation of course) without restrictions of budgets and boards.
Our perfumes tell very specific stories that the sniffer can dive deep into (or not). They can be extended with reference to historical, artistic, and geographical sources.

Our packaging…
Is clean and modern with our own brand of playfulness. Our new packaging that arrives in June is the pinnacle of all that we do. There is a custom thick board box that slides open to reveal our new bottles with heavy metal collar and cap.


Our signature scent is… There are many. Most have a cult following. Perhaps Cowboy Grass or Burning Barbershop.

Describe it… Cowboy Grass is an herbal vetyver with the dry crackle of switch grasses in the American west.
Burning Barbershop is an old fashioned dandified scent of lavender, mint, vanilla, and pine that has gone through a destructive fire.

If these scents were a city, they would be… Cowboy Grass is a rural scent. Perhaps it could be an old wild Wild West saloon town. Burning Barbershop however, would be an 1870’s small town in the Catskills.

David, what is your favourite scent and why?
I see the merits of all the great notes. They are timeless for a reason. I love sandalwood, vetyver, oud.

Kavi, what is your favourite scent and why?
I love a rich floral absolutes especially of the narcotic variety – tuberose, rose absolute, narcissus, jonquil.

Career highlight…
We re not there yet. Always hungry.

What’s next?
New packaging. 4 new scents. Rollerballs. New candles. New collaborations.

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Follow their passion for fragrance: @DSandDurga