Other: What your nails say about you…

If the eyes are windows to our soul, then our nails are windows into our ability to adult. Because nothing says ‘i got this’ like that perfect Saturday night ensemble matched beautifully to that index finger which still has the remnants of your leaking liquid pen stuck under the nail bed (possibly speaking from ongoing experience). Now, we are not about to suggest manicures on a weekly basis. Who has time for that? No really … we actually want to know. We are thinking more along the lines of the occasional salon visit, with a neat little nail file stashed in your handbag to ensure those little splits don’t turn into three good nails and the seven dwarfs. And finally, investing in a curated collection of nail colours you can apply at home. Because ladies, if you can spend an hour of your time choosing your ensemble, you can spend a further ten minutes adding the finishing touches – and proving that you have time to do it all.

Not sure where to start colour wise? Well neither did we, so we enlisted Paint Nail Lacquer founder Amy Pierce to talk us through what your nail colour says about you. Because this feel-good brand is the kind of nail polish you want sitting on your counter…




Black nail polish says: If you’re wearing our black nail polish ‘Black Dog’ it says that you are a proud supporter of mental health awareness and by purchasing you have donated to the Black Dog Institute, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness.

But nude is more for: Everyday – a staple colour that can be co-ordinated with any piece in your wardrobe. It’s also a timeless, classic colour.

Pastel colours should be worn during: Spring (typically) but you don’t have to play by the rules. Pastels also lift and brighten a grey winters day.

Metallics are here to stay because: When does gold, silver, copper or rose gold ever go out of fashion? Metallics are a quick way to add quirk or bling to your look. Look out for our newly released ‘Galactic Rose’.

To make a statement, opt for: Coral Sunset. This bright packs a bit of punch.

The lazy girl colour is: Again nude (Paint Naked)

The colour that best suits a short nail bed: Preferably keep it light to mid tones. Coconut Cream and Wet Cement would be my go-to.

And for those with a long nail bed, you can: Literally wear any colour you want you lucky duck.

Let’s talk about the Paint brand… 

Why is the vegan aspect important to you?
There is a growing awareness in society for ethical choices and standards and I needed Paint to comply if I was going to release a product that I am proud of. This is also the reason that it had to be cruelty-free, 5-free and made in Australia. The core principals I had in mind when starting Paint were high ethical values and standards, a quality product and of course design and colour.

How does this affect the overall health of the nail? 
While no nail polish can ever be fully free of chemicals Paint is 5-free which means that is it completely void of formaldehyde, formadeyhde resin, DBP, toluene and camphor. These are nasty chemicals to be avoided.

The added benefits of opting for a vegan colour also include: 
It’s a guilt-free manicure. You can enjoy a fashion forward product while honouring your ethical values.

What are the key differences in production for a vegan-friendly nail polish brand?
No ingredients are derived from an animal or animal by-products and also cannot be tested on animals.  To obtain vegan certification Paint was assessed against extensive criteria provided by Vegan Action.

Apart from being vegan-friendly, what else sets your brand apart from the rest?
As an interior designer, I spend a lot of time working with colour and colour forecasts. Through interior design, I am able to gain additional perspective outside of the beauty and fashion world. The range is small – consisting of a boutique range of carefully curated, on-trend colours making the process of choosing a colour easier. Finally, Paints image is clean, minimal and classic with a strong design emphasis.

The next 12 months will be all about…
Collaborations. This next year I plan to collaborate with a creative each season. I plan on approaching people from many areas of design ranging from beauty stylists to fashion bloggers and fashion designers, furniture designers, interior designers, artists and even the food/ hospitality industry.

I think this broad range of expertise will bring something really unique to my brand.