Skin: Body Oils

Summer is synonymous with a healthy glow, luscious locks and smooth silky skin. When it comes to keeping our skin in tip top condition and smelling good enough to eat, we can’t go past a good body oil. TWAIN were recently introduced to beauty brand 10 and Co and had to share the find with our followers. Targeting problematic skin concerns such as stretch marks and scars while also ensuring our skin is kept extra hydrated during summer, 10 and Co body oil has become a summer staple. Here we talk to 10 and Co founders to find out how you can maximise your results.

Tell us about the meaning behind 10 and co….​

10 & Co was born on the beach and inspired by nature. With the rainforest at our backs, the beneath our toes and the ocean ahead of us, we were inspired to capture the feeling of summer - when we feel our very best, like a ’10’! - and bottle it, so that you can wear it all year round. Our mission at 10 is to inspire our tribe to live their lives in the best way they can, so that they always feel like a ’10’. We believe that begins with beautiful, healthy, cared-for skin.

What makes 10 + co different from other body oils?

Our unique & balanced formulation. We use only premium oils, which are all designed to work together in ‘power pairs' to hydrate, nourish, heal and protect your skin.

How often should one use a body oil?

It depends on the oil, but our elixirs are designed for daily use. All our oils have a small molecular size, so they are fast absorbing and penetrate deeply into your skin.

What problem areas can this oil remedy?

Our oils target stretch marks and scarring, can soothe eczema and psoriasis, plump skin through aiding collagen production and even overall skin tone.

How soon can someone except to see results?

Through daily use, skin condition will usually improve within 1-2 weeks. If you’re using it to heal scarring, this could take a little longer - expect to start seeing results after 4 weeks.

Can this oil be used for other purposes?

Our current products are designed for the body, but we’ve had some of our tribe use them on their hair also with great results! We don’t recommend you use it your face due to the high coconut oil content, which can be an acne trigger when applied to the face.

We recommend using straight after your shower, when skin is warm and pores are open, for maximum hydration. Massage oil into skin in an upwards motion - by doing this, you are performing a mini lymphatic massage. This helps your lymphatic system to detoxify and tighten and improve skin tone!