Skin: Discover the Japanese inspired beauty brand to watch in 2017

If there is one thing we know, it’s that the Japanese know good skincare. Naturally, a range that based itself on ancient techniques and remedies was always going to end up on our desk. You see the prep. body range arose out of a desire to emulate the youthful and glowing skin of Japanese rice field workers. As the story goes, women who worked with their hands in rice water all day had the brightest and most beautiful skin. As nature and luck would have it, the enzymes released by rice when steeped in water helped create a complexion that would leave Cate Blanchett herself feeling green with envy. Having polished our way to a brighter and tighter skin, we thought it was time to share the love. Get to know the natural, vegan and cruelty-free way you can buff your body to perfection from the founders of the brand to watch in 2017.

What is the secret to healthy, glowing skin by the Japanese?

Good skin takes work but with the right ingredients, it can be healthy and glowing. Japanese women are renowned for their skin and the secret is inositol, the antioxidant released from rice when water is added.

What are the benefits of rice on your skin?

Used in skin care, rice has so many benefits. It͛s a natural physical exfoliant and the consistency can be made rough or soft depending on how much water is added. It also releases a powerful antioxidant that brightens skin and fights free radicals that age the skin and make it look older.

How do you use Prep Bod to it’s fullest potential?

To use our rice scrub and soak to its͛ fullest potential we have two main ways to use it.

Pour it into a hot bath and soak in the starchy water. After 5 minutes, take another handful and add enough water to make it the constancy of wet sand (the less water you add the rougher it is) and then smother all over in circular motions- out of the water so you don’t lose it all… or…

Stand in a hot shower for 5 minutes to soften your skin, take a handful of prep and add enough water to your desired consistency, turn your taps off and scrub all over for a few minutes. Rinse. (We recommend doing this while you have conditioner or a hair mask in because who doesn͛t love efficiency?)

Frequency of use?

You can use it daily or weekly depending on the consistency. If you’re prepping for a spray tan, we’d recommend daily for 3 days prior to your tan followed by a hydrating oil (watch this space for exciting things to come).

What was the inspiration behind the product?

The inspiration behind prep. was seeing a market of skin care saturated in coffee and as much as we love coffee, our bathrooms and our sensitive skin did not. Coming from a background in skin (Charlotte- top 10 in Urbanlist for beauty therapists in Melbourne), Chinese Medicine (Tash) and Christina (skincare junkie) we wanted to combine our powers and create a brand utilizing the amazing benefits of rice that were accessible and affordable to everyone.

What results have you seen and received from using Prep Bod?

The results we’ve received have been amazing! Customers with keratosis Polaris (the hard bumps on upper arms and thighs) have reduced dramatically and eczema sufferers who have soaked in a bath of prep have noticed it soothes their inflammation. We’ve also had feedback from customers saying they’ve had the best spray tan once using the scrub with skin feeling ͚plump͛ and not scaly. On ourselves, we’ve noticed brighter skin (we’ve been using it for a while now) and we’re insanely soft to touch too.

Your products are vegan and cruelty-free – what does this mean to you and the brand?

Being vegan and cruelty-free is so important to us. When we were in our early development stages we had a number of friends and family begging us to create something they could feel good about buying, not just for the skin benefits, but to know that no animal was- or will ever- be harmed. Skincare doesn’t need animal by-products in it to make it good, we’ve tested our products on us, and that is good enough for us and hopefully that’s good enough for our customers.