Skin: Body Scrubs

We have all been guilty of purchasing that luscious looking body scrub and leaving it sitting on our bathrooms bench. But truth be told, a good body exfoliation is one of the most beneficial skin and body routines we can adhere to. TWAIN first fell in love with natural exfoliating scrubs years ago when we made our own 100% natural coffee scrubs at home. But with a hectic schedule, who really has time to grind coffee beans. These days we turn to a plethora of natural options available online with two particular favourites.

SALT Island Vibes Face and Body Scrub and Hebe body scrub have become our summer holly grail. Why? Not only because they leave us with smooth skin, a summer scent and feeling relaxed – but the added benefits are bountiful. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to implement a good body scrub routine this summer.

1. We are about to drop that dreaded word – CELLULITE. While one of the greatest body concerns faced by women has attracted the production of expensive miracle creams and potions, a regular body exfoliation is proven to be one of the most effective ways of helping minimise the problem by helping increase blood flow to the skins surface.

2. As we get older the turnover process of our cells slows down. Like our face, the rest of our body needs a little helping hand in speeding up the process. A good body scrub and exfoliation will help speed up cell renewal, revealing fresh and healthier skin.

3. Taking time out to exfoliate will also help your body rid itself of nasty toxins by helping drain your lymph nodes.

4. Exfoliating your body will bring added benefits to your moisturising routine by allowing the cream to penetrate deeper and for your skin to absorb the vitamins better.

5. A good body exfoliation will prep your skin for that summer tanning session (and we don’t mean in the sun).