Skin: Expert tanning tips from ModelCo founder Shelley Barrett

We all know that the best part of summer is showing off that perfect tan and when it comes to healthy and safe options TWAIN can’t go past the ModelCo. range. Always putting sun safety first, we know that sizzling out in the sun will not only lead to long term skin damage but with a busy schedule, who really has the time for lazy sunbathing days anyway! So how does one achieve a natural look sans the European vacation. Easy! TWAIN turned to ModelCo founder and tanning expert Shelley Barrett for tips on achieving that natural glow we all long for.

How to prep for a tan:

Prep and exfoliate your skin then apply straight after you have showered to clean skin! A head to toe exfoliation is the first step to ensuring the perfect faux-glow application. I love using ModelCo’s new innovative EXFOLIATE Double Sided Body Wipes which not only buff the skin but also work after self-tan has developed to eliminate streaks, lighten too-dark colour and clean stained palms.

What not to do when before you tan?

I find that it is important to do all hair removal a day before applying your tan. This will prevent skin from any sensitivity or reactions to the tanning formulation.

Who should opt for a mousse tan?

Tan Mousse is generally regarded as the easiest tan to apply. Tinted and an easily blendable, buildable formula, a tan mousse is perfect for those who like full control over their desired colour. For a fast acting, dark tan, choose ModelCo ONE HOUR TAN. This revolutionary express self-tan formula allows you to control the colour of your tan by choosing when you shower. For those who prefer a lighter, sun kissed glow, try our newly formulated ModelCo TAN MOUSSE in Light-Medium.

Who should opt for a cream-tanning product?

Lotions are generally regarded as the most moisturising option of all tans. Try ModelCo INSTANT TAN Lotion for a hydrating body lotion that dries within minutes with an instant bronze hue that continues to develop deeper over a few hours. ModelCo NATURAL TAN Lotion is perfect for those with particularly dry, sensitive or mature skin as it glides on like a body moisturiser and rubs evenly into the skin.

Who should opt for a spray tan?

Spray formulas are great for these hard to reach places (ModelCo’s iconic TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN has a unique 360-degree nozzle) and are perfect for topping up an existing self-tan. Delivering a mist of instant glow that develops further over a few hours, I love a spray tan for adding a little extra colour on your décolletage or legs before going out.

Expert tips and tricks:

Spray applicators are simply perfect for body contouring! It is important to remember that any body part you want to appear smaller should be a tiny bit darker than other areas. Darker areas absorb light, therefore creating less surface reflection. Fairer colours encourage light to bounce off the surface, making the area seem larger. For example if you want to make your thighs appear smaller, apply ModelCo TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN to your skin on the outside of your thighs.

If you want a deep dark tan be sure to apply a second coat 10 minutes after your first!

Why you should use a tanning glove?

To avoid orange palms or a streaky, uneven application, get in the habit of only ever applying self-tan with a mitt. ModelCo’s best-selling BLEND BUFFING MITT is a reusable, water resistant self-tanning mitt that glides onto skin like silk. Start with the largest areas of your body first, the limbs, stomach and back and then use the residue product on the mitt to glide across the knees, elbows, ankles and wrists. This will ensure a natural patch-free finish.

How to maintain your tan for longer...

Gradual Tan Lotions are perfect for maintaining your existing self-tan base. I would recommend using ModelCo GRADUAL TAN every second day to keep your tan topped up and looking its best. Keep your body well hydrated as this encourages moisture from the inside out!