Skin: Truths of what happens to your skin after 30

Not fond of a 3 step beauty regime? Neither were we. Well not in it’s intended form anyway. You see, much of our 20’s were filled with buying expensive creams and elixirs, because Vogue said so, only to leave them destined to a life of sitting pretty in our beauty cabinets, because lazy. And so we thought that we could continue on a blissful road of rushed cleanses and the occasional facial and our skin would remain as youthful as ever. Despite knowing that JLo is really part alien and that age was going to catch up with us at some point, we remained blissfully ignorant to our skins needs… until 30 came knocking on our door. And just like that, we began a 10-step program to reverse all those late nights, days spent in the sun and fine lines that began to build up.

We asked three of Australia’s skin experts to reveal what really happens to your skin in your 30s, and is it really too late?

Shaun – Dermazen.

Your thirties are the time when your skin starts to show visible signs of ageing. Cells get lazy and slow down so they don’t turnover as easily without a little help. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, and skin tone becomes more uneven from daily UV exposure, even if you are diligent about wearing your SPF. Brown spots and wrinkles start to develop, especially for smokers and sun worshippers, and those who have not taken good care of their skin until now.

Shaun’s hot tips: 

Take on your 30’s armed with a super advanced customised medical skin care that has retinol, vitamin C & E and antioxidants – this will help you maintain youthful, healthy skin well into your 40’s.


Melanie Grant – Celebrity Facialist 

It’s all down hill from here…

Once we hit our 30’s we’re losing collagen at a rate of around 1% per year. It’s also the time that sun damage from years gone by starts to surface.. So this is when we start to see fine lines, larger pores, capillaries, pigmentation and uneven skin tone and for some of us a little laxity as well.

I’m a huge believer in prevention when it comes to taking care of the skin, so if you’ve looked after you’re skin throughout your 20’s, this is where you will see the return on your investment.. For those of us that haven’t been quite as diligent, it’s certainly not too late to start in you 30’s.

Melanie’s tips: *If Centenera approves, we are all ears… 

Use an antioxidant serum along with a broad spectrum sunscreen – two of the most important things you can do  to protect and stimulate your collagen and overall skin health

Vitamin C is great for brightening and evening out skin tone.

Less is more when it comes to makeup. Remember the heavy foundation, layered under a powder will sit in fine lines and creases making us look older.. Keep skin super fresh, dewy and moist. Try a tinted spf with a small amount of concealer only on dark circles and blemishes

Made By Self – Richie Angelo

If you have been nonchalant with your skin and skin care regime in your twenties, you definitely need to get super savvy in your thirties. As this is the crucial time in maintaining the health of the skin in delaying the ageing process. Lets keep that youthful bounce in the skin so it can look radiant, healthy and nourished by the time we are in our forties and hopefully beyond.

This is a time where hormone levels changing. A lot of women get off the pill or are starting a family so these hormone level changes effects the skin – from getting hormonal pigmentation, congestion, pimples and sometimes adult acne. We are also very much likely to be very time poor. We are on the go, from either being a career woman or being a new mum or juggling both. This busy and often hectic lifestyle also starts to show tiredness in our eye area and dullness in our skin.

One of the biggest skin faux pas  is that a lot of women are often using the same products that they did in their twenties, sometimes even late teens. Ladies our bodies change, so does our skin and as we get older our skin becomes drier and thinner. So the foaming gel cleansers that we got obsessed with aren’t doing us any favours!.

Richie’s top tips:

If you haven’t had your skin assessed recently, GO! It is crucial that you are using the right products for your skin, especially what is the best active skincare to use to start tackling the fine lines and sun spots. Even get a facial while you’re at it

Develop and maintain an easy regime that you can stick too and also saves you time. Like cleansers you can use in the shower or hydrating masks that you can sleep on

We don’t need to spend hours on our skin to get visible results, but sticking to an everyday ritual is the key to helping our skin healthy, improve our complexion and keep us looking youthful

Also hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Hydrated skin looks more plump and youthful and ages a lot less.

Richie Angelo