Skin: Winter Tanning Tips

As winter sets in, there are those quintessentials that get us through the cooler months. A good coat, a hot chocolate, a great tan! If we’re really being honest here, it’s the one thing that can make us feel better for putting on those few unwanted pounds. If you’re anything like us, it’s also the only thing that will make you feel human after weeks of hibernating in the office.

Here, Jennifer Hawkins, the brains and the beauty behind one of Australia’s premium tanning ranges, J-Bronze, speaks to TWAIN about winter tanning tips to keep your skin glowing throughout the cooler months.

Jen’s top winter tanning tip is exfoliation!

My tan is always PERFECT when I exfoliate before applying tan.

In winter…

Use the Jbronze Medium Tanning Mousse as it will give you a lighter more natural tan. I also add the Face Flawless Tan to give my complexion that natural golden glow.

Jen notes that during winter even though you may not feel yourself getting burnt, don’t assume you don’t need to protect yourself; the UV rays are just as strong during winter.

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays during winter, I use the Jbronze Daily Beauty Balm SPF 50 to ensure I’m protected.

Stacey McPherson is a Jbronze Professional Tanning Expert. Her recommendation...

It’s really important to prep properly before you tan.

This means all hair removal is done the day before and skin is exfoliated to create a fresh, clean surface for a new tan. She recommends soaking in a hot bath to soften your skin, allowing you to gently scrub away any old tan, oils or moisturisers. She says be sure to concentrate particularly on drier areas like elbows and knees using an exfoliation mitt like Jbronze’s The Perfect Tan Exfoliating Mitt to get the best results.

If you’re self tanning, an application mitt like the Jbronze Luxe Application Mitt is the key to a flawless, even and streak-free tan. To use, blend tanning product into clean skin using circular motions, leaving hands and feet until last.

If you are getting a professional spray tan, communicate with your therapist the colour base that best suits your skin tone, the occasion you’re tanning for, the time it will take for the tan to develop before showering, your desired shade, and any skin concerns or past experiences with tanning.

Properly caring for your tan will ensure it looks at its best for longer. Ensuring that you rinse well when washing your tan off will avoid streaking and uneven tan lines. Try to leave skin bare for up to 12 hours after your tan as it will still be developing and some products can interfere. Avoid products that contain glycolic acid (generally face washes), AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid), chlorine, shampoo, products that have a high content of alcohol and oils as they can strip your tan.

Hydration is key to a longer lasting, more beautiful tan. Both Jennifer and Stacey say that keeping the skin hydrated and drinking lots of water will create that healthy glow and will ensure your tan last even longer.