Beauty: The evolution of eyebrows

Brow Game Strong.

When it comes to beauty and makeup, brows are a currency. They can make or break your look and transform your entire face. However, like most things in life and fashion, brows too have experienced trends and changes. One only needs to look back at their high school ID to take a trip down memory lane. One we would personally rather forget. Children listen, when your mother says don’t wax your own eyebrows, you just don’t do it. Because it turns out they will grow back… eventually… just in all the wrong places. 

We asked Sydney-based eyebrow specialist Kristin Fisher to talk us through some of the trends we weren’t around for, some we would rather forget and what we should be doing with our eyebrows now, because who knows better really. Kristin Fisher Eyebrow Studio is responsible for many of the eyebrows you stalk on Instagram. Flick through their never ending mood board of luscious brows to see why everyone is knocking on Fisher’s door.

Let’s just say, Brooke Testoni was enough to have us convinced. Yes, we flew to Sydney to get our brows done. Don’t tell our mums…

The 1970s

The 70’s offered a mixed bag for brows. The tadpole shape was unfortunately in abundance with Madonna trailblazing the way for this strongly unflattering shape, and on the other end of the spectrum, models like Lauren Hutton and the hippie masses were campaigning for the soft, completely natural brow.

The 1980s

Eyebrows got their growth on in the 80’s with mega babes like Brooke Shields leading the way full steam ahead. Brows were at their full, bold best! Arches were softer, colour was heavier and more intense!

The 90s

All the hard growth work of previous decade was waxed clean in favour of pencil-thin, arched brows a la Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson. 90’s brows were over tweezed and over pencilled and have left many women still feeling their wrath.


The millenium

The sharpie line brow of the 90’s crept into the early 00’s, however the tweezers were soon banished as fuller brows with far more flattering lines and arches grew in popularity. The late 00’s saw the Kardashian klan creep into the spotlight – they’re aspirational brows in tow. The brow transformation of actresses such as Jennifer Lopez came in.

Current situation 

The bigger the better – bold and beautiful! Women are wanting their brows full, natural and defined! Arches have softened, straighter lines are in, tails are tapering, and almost everyone is growing! In saying that – not everyone can pull off a super-full brow, full brows should be designed to suit the individual.

For those struggling with slow, stubborn growth, or sick of their daily pencil routine – Feather Touch Tattooing is the freshest, best thing in eyebrow territory. An extremely natural, semi-permanent tattoo – composed of individual feather strokes – designed to look like hairs, are giving women the defined, fuller, complete brow they dream of owning (in 2 hours!)

Today’s eyebrow muse’s are:
The Kardashians, Cara Delevingne , Diane Kruger… All of the women rocking a bold, defined brow.