Unmasked: Chanelle Louise

If you’re the kind of gal who prefers to drink champagne to supplements, then this post is for you because as luck would have it – you can actually drink your way to better skin. Now, before you reach for the corkscrew, hear us out. A few months back we were introduced to Cilk Rose Water, a delicately flavored, rose-based supplement, which can be added to your favourite drink with ease. Coincidently, it arrived more nicely packaged than our favourite bottle of Moet so we just had to try it. And if we are really being honest, we were looking for a more work friendly, Friday cocktail because Susie from the office next door had an issue with midday drinking (what a bore!).

And so sipping on mineral water with a few drops of Cilk Rose and a few frozen blueberries became our Friday ritual (champagne glasses non-negotiable of course). Whether it was the supplements anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties or the fact that we swapped to a more skin friendly cocktail – either way – we began to notice a difference. And as it turns out, we weren’t alone. Search any beauty blog or speak to any girl with a beating heart, and chances are she has read or heard about the benefits of rose water.

Having fallen for the seductively packaged bottle of potion, we thought we needed to know more about founder Chanelle Louise. More specifically, we wanted to know what products sat in her beauty bag because a woman who knows good supplements also knows good skin care and beauty products.

Routine: I keep this as effortless as possible – face cleanser, serum, occasional face mask/exfoliator and beauty drinks

Scent: Magnolia Sandrine, Grandiflora

Nails: Kester Black

Face: May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate

Face mask: May Lindstrom Honey Mud Silk

Lips: Charlotte Tilbury

Hair: Ouai

Hair mask: Oribe

Shower essentials: Dry body brush

Beauty muse: @missfajer

Beauty tip: Fresh aloe vera

Beauty must try: Melanie Grant facial

Beauty ritual: Drinking rose water

Beauty bible: Violet Grey

Fajer Fahad, Chanelle's beauty muse