Unmasked: Holly Watson, model

Holly Watson. The long-limbed beauty that had as at “hello”. No really. Back when LOVE TWAIN was still an infant, our model search led us to this gorgeous statuesque creature whose cheekbones would make Moss herself take a second look. An honorable mention also goes out to that perfect pout, the one that took every frame from ‘look book’ to Vogue editorial.  Now, while her beauty is undeniable what really sealed the deal was the energy, attitude and personality she brought to the set. I mean, anyone that appreciates a food platter, ‘Niggas in Paris’ and Seinfeld as much as us, is our kind of gal.

Having well and truly made her mark on Adelaide’s fashion scene, nowadays Holly spreads her time between her hometown, Melbourne and Hong Kong. We knew it was bound to happen. A face like that was always destined to roam endlessly. And while we know she was born with it, someone that spends that much time on planes must have a helping hand. We asked Holly empty her beauty bag so we could get a step closer to having a legitimate reason to use #WokeUpLikeDis.

Routine goes something like: I don’t wear makeup very often so I can keep my skin clean and ready for my next job. Every morning I cleanse my face in the shower with my QV cream cleanser and then I follow this up with my QV daily moisturiser. I try to keep product out of my hair when I’m not working and just comb it gently when needed. I always like to be completely bare and feel fresh before I go to sleep. I shower in a cooler water temp to tighten my skin up and close pores before I get into bed.

I’ve trained myself to drink a minimum of 2+ litres of water per day, which was definitely a struggle at first but now it’s a habit and my skin loves me for it. I try to eat really clean and as organically as possible, but I do like to take breaks and eat whatever my body craves.

Face: I cleanse with QV Cleansing Lotion and hydrate twice a day with QV daily facial moisturiser – QV is an amazing range of skincare that I can trust is clean, simple and really natural. It keeps my skin feeling fresh and healthy without it being complicated.

Lips: Burt’s Bees lip balm – I have this one my lips 24/7. I love all of their products and love that they are trying to do so much good in the world.

Nails: I use a tiny bit of organic coconut oil and massage into my finger tips and hands a couple of times a week – it makes my nails and skin glow. I also use coconut oil as an all-over body moisturiser – If I could soak in this constantly I would.

Hair: KMS Moist Repair – I buy this from Sam at Orbe Hair in North Adelaide – it is amazing and helps avoid hair breakages due to over-styling with all the shoots and shows that I do.

Scent: Tom Ford Black Orchid – I live in this perfume.

Shower essentials: I’m more of a bath kinda girl – candles, lots of candles.

Must try: I have a monthly subscription to Bellabox – it is a box bursting full of samples (and a lot of the time full size products!) that gets delivered to my door once a month. The latest one was packed full of completely natural and organic products to try. It is a great way to try out and test new and fabulous products.

Muse: Victoria Beckham – she is the ultimate. If I can lift my leg up like hers and still be full of grace then I’ve truly made it.

Beauty Bible: Vogue – Australian, British, US, Paris – I have an obsession with this magazine.