Unmasked: Jeanne Deroo, Beauty Editor – Elle France

“Beauty regime”- the only two words to conjure feelings of sheer excitement and elation while simultaneously causing us to break a sweat, and not the good kind. With thousands of brands and options on the market, choosing the right product can be as daunting as choosing the right investment property (or so we guess, all our investments are the wardrobe and beauty cabinet kind).

So what is a girl to do? Short of reading 100’s of reviews and investing thousands of dollars into beauty elixirs, which end up nothing more than pretty flat lays, we thought picking the brains of a beauty editor was the next best thing. And not just any beauty editor, we’re talking ELLE France, because if anyone knows beauty, it’s the French. Plus let’s be honest, nous ne parle français, so we can’t exactly just pick up a copy.

Here we dive deep into the beauty routine of the gal living the TWAIN beauty dream…

Routine: In the evening I am more of bath person but in the morning I definitely prefer showers. I start my day with a super hot shower and always finish with super cold water. I have a 2-year-old boy, so my showers never last more than 5 minutes, during which I’m doing everything – I wash my face, brush my teeth and clean my body. I use the Herve Herau body cleanser.

Scent: I love perfumes and I like to change almost every day but all my perfumes are super fresh. At the moment, I am using Neroli Portofino from Tom Ford, Chant d’Amour from Prada, L’Eau des Sens from Diptyque and Cologne from Chanel. They all use neroli which is my favorite ingredient. However, this winter I might go for something more woody such as the new Comme Des Garçons, Black Pepper.

Face: All my favourite products are from Herve Herau, he is my facialist and I keep buying all his products. I receive almost 10 beauty products every day but I prefer to buy Herve’s products because they definitely help me achieve perfect skin. My face routine includes his facial cleanser, his water care, his extra rich cream and his pommade during winter when I feel that my skin is too dry.

Beauty obsession: Hydrating – since I learned it’s the best way to avoid wrinkles.

Shower essentials: Cleanser from Herve Herau, my favorite beauty guru. Shampoo from David Mallet and Mask Régénérant à la Figue de Barbarie from Christophe Robin.

Hair: My favorite hairdresser is Australian! I used to have really long hair and all hairdressers kept telling me that I should not cut anything but 2 years ago I met David for my work and I told him I wasn’t sure about my hair. He took a pair of scissors and cut my hair down to my shoulders. Since that day, I have kept my hair short

Beauty muse: For the eyes – Cleopatra for her amazing eyeliner. For the hair bun – Audrey Hepburn – it’s so chic. For the perfect red lips – Poppy King, the owner of Lipstick Queen.

Beauty bible: intothegloss.com

Beauty tip: For perfect black eyes I put Moroccan khol all over my eyes before going to sleep and the next morning I clean the entire color that flows around

Beauty secret: If your hair is quite thin avoid brushing it every day…

Beauty must try: Sephora lipstick Rouge Velouté n°1