Unmasked: Joëlle Ciocco

When it comes to skincare, no one quite does it like the French. Now before you roll your eyes for being served up another cliché line, let’s take a moment of pause to reflect on some of our favourite Parisian stalks. What do they all have in common? A less is more approach to makeup that leaves us wanting to ditch the 100 + unnecessary products in our beauty bags. But as the story goes, it’s not as simple as a little tinted moisturiser and a red lip, no. Don’t let the likes of Cotillard and De Maigret fool you into thinking they woke up with porcelain skin requiring very little coverage. For the French, it all starts with a good base, one, which means a rather intimate relationship with their dermatologist. Amongst these is legendary facialist Joëlle Ciocco whose cult status led LOVE TWAIN knocking on her door.

Now when we say legendary we don’t use the term lightly. The Paris-based biochemist has spent more than 30 years perfecting complexions and developing one of the most recognisable beauty lines in the business. When the likes of Carine Roitfeld and Marc Jacobs approve, we know we’re onto something good. With a philosophy of skin as an ecosystem, one that requires protection, Joëlle’s products are formulated to combat skin stressors with active ingredients that leave the skin both protected and glowing. Naturally, we wanted to know the products taking prime position in Joëlle’s beauty cabinet.

Routine: Classic cleansing routine is with my Sensitive Cleansing Milk and during summer with my All-In-One Cleanser. After this, I will apply the Thermoregulatory Lotion or Skin Defensive depending on the season.

Scent: Orange Blossom and clove because it reminds me of my childhood and that is also why I love working with these elements. The perfume I am wearing is Youth dew d’Esthée Lauder.

Face: Blossom Cerate for the hydration because I swim and ride a lot.

Lips:  When it comes to makeup, I have a collection L’Oréal lipsticks.

Hair: I love Christophe Robin shampoos, I always use the regenerating shampoo with prickly pear oil.

Eyes: Eyelisse around my eyes.

Makeup: Unconditionally, L’Oreal products.

Nails: Nothing! I can’t put up with finger nails and regarding my job, it is impossible for me to have long nails. For the feet, I favor the most natural products.

Ritual: Every week I do a sauna or a Hamman, I apply a mask on my face and scrub my body.

Must try: Once a day, do a sun salutation.

Shower essentials: A natural soap for the private parts and I wash my body with my cleansing oil because I am lazy and I do not take the time to put on a cream (I do not like the sticky feeling of the body cream). My oil is a two in one product that I propose to my clients and they love it.

Travel essentials: The Blossom Cerate because it can do everything.

Beauty bible: Never had one. I created mine which is the concept of considering the existence of our skin’s own cloth. It means having the knowledge and the recognition of it.

Beauty secret: Every night do little pinches (to remove tissues) all over your face. And be aware that you are relaxing your face just before going to bed.

Beauty tip: Always protect your skin from the sun and for that do not forget the hat!

Beauty muse: My mirror (laughs) my formidable mirror, the humor of my mirror! I am hard with myself. I admire myself with the age and I have a self-criticism and this here that I become myself. I prefer to take the inspiration from myself that from the eyes of the others.