Unmasked: Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui

At the risk of sounding like a broken record… or heck we will say it again anyway … when it comes to beauty, the French know best. With a less is more approach to makeup which demands nothing short of porcelain skin and flawless base, we know that the French beauty routine is the Holy Grail to good skin. Naturally, our Instagram stalks consist of approximately 82% Parisian muses and 18% of the rest of the population.

Amongst a bevy of these beauties is blogger Kenza Sadoun – el Glaoui. The Parisian based beauty expert who has been sharing her tips and tricks of the trade since 2008. Now, we know come Sunday you can sit and navigate through an endless bible of beauty stories on Kenza’s beautifully curated website but we know it’s Monday and what you really want is a shortcut. You want to know exactly what products you should be filling your cabinet with.

We’re always here to deliver so we asked Kenza to share her go-to products.

My morning routine: doesn’t ask for much time.

I clean my face with a VICHY soft soap with water, hydrate my skin with a rich cream from Euerin (it’s cold in Paris at this time!)Then I hide my dark circles with foundation from Lancôme, I put some blush, mascara (both from URBAN DECAY and a pretty lipstick from MAC or TOO FACED and I will always leave them in my bag.

For hair, I leave it as is (would we expect anything less), or when it’s dirty I make a side part or ponytail.

A bit of perfume, and I’m done!

For a hand cream, I turn to…  Caudalie

The best red lipstick is: MAC Russian Red in matte

Secret weapon: an eyelash curler from Sephora

I travel with… the products I use every day. However, I also take with me a Clinic night cream because when I fly my skin dries very fast.

At night… I hydrate my skin a lot, especially with Kiehl’s Recovery Concentrate, or with the Clinique nighttime cream. Otherwise, I sometimes leave on my Caudalie moisturizing mask all night.

Beauty Muse: I don’t have a beauty muse. I like to look to girls on Instagram for inspiration and advice.