Unmasked: Lianna Perdis

When your dad is one of the most renowned makeup artists and names amongst Australia’s lucrative beauty market, “awkward teenage years” just don’t come into the equation. It also doesn’t hurt being born with a confidence and presence that for most only comes with age and years of self-acceptance. Lianna Perdis however, is not your average 16-year-old by any means.

The willowy brunette beauty and makeup artist learnt to perfect her craft at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy and with plenty of ‘teen’ years still ahead of her, she is culminating a resume most would envy. As the face of the latest Napolean Perdis range, Total Bae, this social-media and business savvy beauty is a name to watch. Having observed (stalked) her makeup, we thought what the heck, let’s get into the beauty bag of Miss Perdis.


Routine: Cleanser, serum, moisturiser, eye cream

Scent: Miss Dior, CHANEL Chance

Face: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer

Lips: DéVine Goddess in Lipstick Thalia

Hair: No product, just natural waves or sleek and straight

Eyes: Loose Eye Dust in Star Light in the inner corners – it brightens your eyes

Nails: Nude

Ritual: Taking a nap before I go out to re-energise

Must try: Auto Pilot pH Lip Shine

Shower essentials: Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and makeup remover

Travel essentials: Auto Pilot Lift Off Wipes and the Auto Pilot Moisture Mist. 

Beauty obsession: I am really into skin care and love to keep my complexion clean and feeling great, even when I’m not wearing makeup. I am a huge fan of the double cleanse

Beauty bible: My Dad!

Beauty secret: The one product that really is a game-changer is The One Concealer. It’s so effective in camouflaging dark circles, pigmentation and spots. It’s a total life saver on mornings ‘I didn’t wake up like this’

Beauty tip: I’m not a fan of heavy, dark contouring, instead, if I want to contour I go for a technique called strobing. Strobing is about highlighting the high points of your face to catch the light, in turn adding definition, rather than adding thick stripes of makeup all over the face which looks horrible when you turn to the side

Beauty must: Being yourself, no matter what everyone else around you is doing

Follow Lianna and her Instagram envy life: @LiannaPerdis