Unmasked: Marie Enna-Cocciolone

Here is the thing about beauty advice. Yes, you can trust your grandma but times they are a changing and sometimes you need the advice of a qualified beauty therapist with years of experience behind them. Moreover, there comes a time when one needs to start taking advantage of technological advances made in the beauty industry. As we approach our late 20’s we’re not ashamed to admit that less money is spent on short hemlines and more on preventing those fine lines…

… and so this is how Marie Enna-Cocciolone comes into the equation. The CEO and Founder of INSKIN COSMEDICS (a house featuring an international line-up of top end performance and quality beauty brands) has taken decades of practical experience and research trips to formulate a skin care range which captures international firsts in science, technology and skin solutions and delivers them to your local spa and home.

Marie’s O Cosmedics range embodies the essence of skin health and youth throughout the ages. Rather than offering a miracle cure (which we have all established by now simply doesn’t exist), the range was developed to promote skin health and youth throughout with a dedicated approach. Formulated using a potent concentrate of active ingredients, with the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science blended harmoniously with nature, the O Cosmedics range works with the skin in order to maintain (or regain) normal skin function and cell optimisation.

In short, the O Cosmedics eye youth, eye fusion has single-handedly wiped away the effects of running a business, coffee fixes and all nighter within a few weeks of use. It certainly caught TWAIN’s attention so much so we decided to ask Marie to share her very own beauty bag with us…

Routine: Coffee, shower and cleanse, coffee. Full O Cosmedics skin routine, three serums (all for different actions), hydrator, eye products and primer. Isagenix shake for breakfast and run out the door!

Scent: Tom Ford, Black Orchid

Face: O Cosmedics 1Skin Natural Primer and Treatment Fusion Foundation

Lips: Bright and long-wearing

Nails: Artistic Colour Gloss

Ritual: O Cosmedics 1Skin Natural Primer and Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Tinted

Must try: O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil-Balm. Add to foundation for a skin treatment with a gorgeous dewy finish perfect for winter

Muse: Simplicity with a twist of originality has always been my inspiration

Hair: MashUp Hair Care and the Evy Professional One Glide Styler

Shower essentials: I love a great shower oil

Beauty obsession: I believe in natural beauty and anything over and above in moderation

Beauty Bible: Probably in need of an urgent rewrite. Given the advancement in medical aesthetics, active ingredients, technology and devices which get better by the day a Beauty Bible should be a work in progress that just keeps improving

Beauty secret: My skin workout, an in-clinic treatment plan that includes at least three anti-aging modalities in any one treatment. My favourites; LED Phototherapy, Dermapen™ skin needling and RF skin tightening

Discover more about O Cosmedics here.