Culture: Forget cocktails with Khloe, we’re having cocktails with Kurtis

Here is a little not so secret – secret…you don’t make friends with salad.

When it comes to parties and entertaining, we all like to think we have a little Nigella Lawson in us but if we’re really being honest, what is a party without good drinks? If your idea of a good drop is a bottle of wine, sure your guests will be happy but will they be raving about your party or get together the next day – probably not (especially if cheap wine with a side of a headache was on offer). In comes celebrity mixologist Kurtis Bosley to the rescue. TWAIN caught up with the Sydney-based drink master to pick his brain on some simple recipes we can recreate at home.

Ladies and gents, it’s time to get your liquor cabinet cultured..

Let's talk beginners. Five liquors we should all have in our home to make cocktails...
  • A good quality Vodka – such as 42 Below or Tito’s Handmade
  • Your favourite Gin
  • Kahlua – for those espresso martinis
  • Campari – to add some variety
  • Any style of vermouth from Italy or France

The crowd pleaser ...

The above liquors allow endless recipes to be created but I think for a little dinner party at home the one to impress will be the ‘Espresso Martini’ {of course} which takes 45ml Kahlua, 30ml Vodka and a double shot of Espresso or 1 capsule of your favourite Nespresso.

*Road tested by the TWAIN team two days running. Has our tick of approval and is currently sitting on the table for inspiration. Not even ashamed to admit it.

The smooth operator...

Now for those who are over the Espresso Martini (*we gasp at the thought), we move on to the Negroni. (*ok we’re no longer offended, Negroni is our second favourite cocktail). 

Mix 30ml Gin, 30ml Campari & 30ml Vermouth. If you are feeling extra creative add a slice of orange peel on the rim. (Trust us we will, because what is a good party without your friends taking some insta-snaps of your handy work).

The party trick...

And finally, one to write home about and to end the night with a bang would be the ‘That’s My Jam’ cocktail with 30ml Gin, 15ml Dry Vermouth, 15ml freshly squeezed lemon and a bar spoon of your favourite Jam in the fridge all stirred down.

*Also road tested by TWAIN and we can safely say skip the dessert and head for the cocktail bar. Delish! 

What is trending in cocktails and drinks...

Vermouth’s and Espresso Martinis are definitely trending. With a real move towardi In-house vermouth and different ways of spicing vermouth’s for cocktails, bars are really looking towards this style of liqueur to bring out new and exciting flavours in cocktails. I think Espresso Martinis will forever be on trend - they're a real crowd pleaser!

What's on it's way out...

I would have to say more traditional cocktails like the Cosmopolitan as bars now have such an amazing variety of cocktails on offer, guests don’t feel the need to fall back onto ‘safe’ cocktail options anymore.

Rules to live by when mixing cocktails...

Stick to the measurements, they are there for a reason. When the drinks start flowing sometimes it's tempting to add a few extra shots, but it will ruin the flavour of the cocktail and the experience.

Need more inspiration? Kurtis is happy to help...

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