Culture: The Lust List – Sally Spratt

When the name fits.


Like all great success stories, Sally’s journey began out of love, a love for the luxurious and beautiful. Paying homage to her favourite designers, Sally created the very worlds she dreamed of and before long these very worlds came knocking on her doorstep. Amassing a social media and industry following that most artists could only dream of, the past two years have seen THE LUST LIST turn into a phenomenon. From Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown to Marie Claire and Elle, the very brands we lust over are lusting over THE LUST LIST.

So during one of the many days spent stalking posts from London Fashion Week, we were excited but not surprised to see some of Sally’s work pop up. Commissioned to design the menu for the Conrad catwalk afternoon tea for London Fashion Week, Sally’s work was once again celebrated on a global stage. Naturally TWAIN weren’t satisfied with observing and had to know more. Here Sally talks art and that Conrad piece that caught our attention.

The artist...

Art to me is: Magic. It has the ability to capture the imagination of the viewer and the artist. Viewing art allows me to be present. Life is so busy it’s nice to slow down and appreciate what is in front of you.

Growing up, I looked up to: Many artists, but two that I remember always captivating me was, Degas and his ‘dancers’ series and Da Vinci and his intricate pencil illustrations of inventions and portraits.

The work, which holds the greatest meaning to me: Little Dancer of Fourteen Years by Degas. I remember seeing this when I was 12 in Paris, at the Musee D’Orsay. I was at a stage where I loved dancing and was fascinated with ballet. I didn’t really understand art at that age but I understood what it was to be moved.

My signature is: Pencil and water-colour illustrations.

Talk us through your fusion of fashion and art. How did this come about? I have always loved fashion and enjoyed drawing. I used to doodle dress and shoe designs in the back of my diary at school. I even tried designing T-shirt prints after uni to sell. But It wasn’t till I was in-between jobs a few years back that I developed The Lust List.

I would love to experiment with: Faces, fashion figures and even motion graphics.

Inspiration comes from: Everywhere. I love magazines (Vogue, Hapers Bazaar, Elle etc), Pintrest, Blogs and Instagram. I screenshot everything and have multiple files to store all my inspiration. I am never bored when it comes to work. If work is slow I create something. If work is crazy then I am working with some creative minds to bring ideas to life.

My workspace is surrounded with: Clutter, mess and my puppy. I have artworks drying around the floor, pinboards with my current jobs and inspiration, bookshelves full of cards, wrapping paper and stationary and a wardrobe full of supplies.

What no one tells you about the life of an artist: That they are just as productive as people in an office! We just have the benefit of having our favourite tunes on to keep us company; our own little creative space and tend to work our own hours. It’s pretty amazing!


When the Conrad comes knocking ...

Name of piece: Menu design for Conrad Catwalk afternoon tea for London Fashion Week.

It was commissioned by:  Conrad London St James

Hours involved: A full day, 6 hours

Materials used: Watercolor paints, 3b pencil and then finished off with some digital editing. These were then printed onto beautiful paper stock and laid across all the guests’ plates.

Inspiration was drawn from: Their deserts, created by Zoe Wager. It was specifically designed for London Fashion Week, drawing on inspiration from Vivienne Westwood’s punk rock era, Jean Paul Gautier’s monochrome appeal, Audrey Hepburn and Chanel’s classic design with ruffles and pearls and a few other fashion icons and London landmarks.

Talk us through the colour palette: We had rich purple’s, jungle green, golden yellow, metallic’s and creamy browns.

Background music as I created this: I listened to Lorde, Sia and Lana Del Ray.