Designer Profiles: Christie Nicole

Christie Nicole specialises in making beautiful and intricate handmade bras out of her home studio in Sydney, Australia. Designer, Christie Trowbridge creates delicate pieces that open up a world of secret luxury and quiet confidence. Seasons are irrelevant for Christie, rather she draws inspiration from what is around her; what she loves and what she sees, creating timeless and classic pieces.

“It’s all about feelings and emotions.’ – Christie

Every collection Christie has done has ended up referencing her personal thoughts and feelings at that point in time. She is also drawn to anything that’s delicate, beautiful & interesting.

Christie Trowbridge learnt the craft of sewing and creating with her grandma as a little girl, later graduating finishing a Bachelor of Design to hone her craft.

Christie Nicole launched in 2013, with focus on using luxe fabrics and designs being playful, powerful and intricate. They are the definition of modern femininity.

Discover Christie Nicole here.