Designer Profiles: Mathys Sinclair

Mathys Sinclair is a clothing label that believes in looking cool and being nice. They create fashion, and at the same time poke a lot of fun at fashion. They believe that the codes of status, pretentiousness and fear-based marketing are subliminally and deeply ingrained into the fashion mindset. Their mission is to break down these codes through humor and creativity, in the hopes of building a brand based on reality, positivity and connection.

The Mathys Sinclair product reflects this vision through the exploration of necessity and novelty. Put simply, if your entire wardrobe was Mathys Sinclair, you’d spend about ten seconds each day picking your outfit; the ‘bought it, never worn it’ section of your closet would be non-existent; you wouldn’t have to reach for your athleisure gear to actually be comfortable; and you’d still look effing fantastic.

From this vision and design approach, their hearts and truly set on their goals. Considering that this brand was founded by two individuals whose favorite pastimes include prank calling celebrities while hungover* and telling people at fancy bars that they own a high-end jacuzzi installation business, the chances of Mathys Sinclair becoming too ‘fashion’ are pretty low. 

Discover Mathys Sinclair here.