Evolution: Alpha collection

Bold and unique were the words that came to mind when TWAIN came across Australian-made jewellery label Aana Janakis. Not for the faint hearted, Aana’s pieces command attention. They take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary heights, with each piece incorporating striking lines and unique materials. Each item in the collection is a piece of  artwork and when one reads the evolution of the line, appreciation for the collection is taken to a whole new level.

The first illustration is a woodblock print that originated from a life drawing. The second illustration is an ink sketch from a life drawing session. These organic lines in the female forms are the genesis of the Alpha concept.

Alpha is… There is the obvious reference of ‘Alpha’ being the first letter of the Greek alphabet, reflective of my heritage and synonymous with the ‘beginning’. This was fitting for the launch of my first collection.

Alpha was also used as the title, as the word itself is often used to mark a position in social hierarchy. I wanted the collection to emulate this concept of the Alpha Female, so that when the jewellery pieces are worn, the inner Alpha Female is evoked.

The Alpha collection… Is a thought-out range of contemporary jewellery, designed for the modern woman… She is dominant, confident and empowered.

The inspiration was… Although I live in Australia, I have been brought up with a strong Greek cultural influence. For the last two years I have spent European summers exploring the motherland and it’s beautiful seaside, particularly the island of Lesvos where my family originates. This is where the seed for the Alpha concept was planted and it just grew from there.

Materials used… The Alpha collection consists of pieces made from industrial-strength heat moulded acrylic. This is combined with solid brass plated in 24K gold and more recently, the addition of silver.

Process from idea to production…  Although the collection stemmed from a conceptual place, the design development was quite technical in the way the pieces were engineered. This was dictated by the nature of the material I wanted to work with.

With a background in metal work and object design, I developed the prototype pieces in my studio until they were reduced to their most refined form possible.

I drafted technical illustrations and developed the moulds for months to achieve the perfect sculptures for the body.

I wanted the finished acrylic component to be consistent and of the best quality. This was achieved by convincing a local industrial building manufacture to take my project on board so I could utilise his machinery to cut, polish and mould the acrylic.

Clear and white because… I wanted these sculptural forms to feel fluid and pure. Juxtaposing the hardness of the gold and silver bar.

I imagine the collar… Is the ultimate refined statement accessory.

Discover Aana Janakis here.

Alpha collection is made…. in Australia of course!