Evolution: Bare Necessities Collection

Refined jewellery for the unrefined woman... that's exactly what Bianca had in mind when designig the latest collection from Nylons. When it comes to quality, look no further - each piece is hand made by Bianca herself. Here is the evolution of her newest collection that has just landed at TWAIN HQ...

This collection is… refined jewellery for the unrefined babe

My inspiration was… everything and anything 1920’s Modernist

This collection is made… by myself in Melbourne! Hand making each piece brings a real personalised sense to the whole process. Each piece is ordered by you and made by hand for you!

Can you tell us the process from design to construction… I find colours and shapes that inspire me, this collection really focuses on 1920’s modernism with a hint of present day glitz

I usually pull inspiration from art and architecture of the era I’m obsessing over and convert those ideas and inspiration into wearable pieces. I hand make everything so it’s super easy to get straight into the process when exploring ideas. I play around a lot before putting pieces into production and it’s enabled me to manipulate the nylons mesh into shapes and styles I didn’t think was possible when I first started!

The materials used… Nylon’s mesh sterling silver and Swarovski crystals… could you think of a better combo?

If this piece was a city it would be… Paris in the 1920’s

Paris in the 1920s - if her collection was a city...

I imagine this piece with… A silk robe, a black coffee and a fleeting lover

The Nylons woman is… Always lux, always chic, she’s on vacay all day, no body knows how or why but they never question it.  She wakes up at noon from dinners that turn into drinks and mostly strolls around her home naked or in silk but always with her Coco Bullets on.

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