Evolution: No body does denim like Nobody Denim

From small humble beginnings as a family-built denim laundry in the backstreets of Melbourne in 1999 to one of the most sought after global denim labels – Nobody Denim has come a long way.

Worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Emma Roberts, Elle Ferguson and Tuula Vintage (just to name a few) – this home grown label has become a cult favourite.

So what makes a pair of Nobody Denim jeans such hot property?

Is it the exceptional quality? Or is it the fact that each pair fit like a dream, moulding around your curves and hugging in all the right places? Maybe it is the comfort factor, with no sign of stiffness or that dreaded harsh denim feel. Or perhaps it is because each new season brings with it new on-trend designs, colours and cuts that even the most coveted fashionistas and bloggers can’t live without.

Well actually, it is all of the above. Having lived in these jeans for years, TWAIN were excited to find out more about the place where the magic happens, the Nobody Denim laundry. TWAIN met with Nobody Denim brand manager Ben Esakoff and were instantly drawn to his love for his job, passion for the brand and desire to spread the Nobody Denim story

“Our brand is all about the product. It always has been… and always will be”

So what sets Nobody Denim apart from the rest? According to Ben it’s two things. The first – an amazing fit and the second – quality.

“If we fail in these areas then we are practically non-existent” he explained. “You will come to buy another pair of jeans from us because you are happy”

As brand manager, part of Ben’s job is speaking to retailers and finding out what it is that customers are looking for, what the market is looking for. This is then passed on to the design team. This season, he says, was all about a rigid mini rise jean.

“Once the concepts leave the design room it’s out of our hands and into production”

The process of making jeans isn’t a simple one. All production takes place in the laundry, based in Brunswick, Victoria.In the laundry you will find jeans soaking in hundreds of litres of water. They may be soaked for up to 4 hours to get that perfect wash that Nobody Denim are known for.

Whiskers (those light lines often found on the upper leg) are created in the laundry, along with any distressing on the jeans – these are both done by hand. The denim is then put into the dryers for around an hour. The dryers are considerably hotter than your average ‘at home’ dryer. The quality control process is like no other. At least 4-5 workers see each pair of jeans in the laundry before they are taken to production.

“It’s through our commitment to quality control that we make this happen and deliver what our customers want”

Once the denim is dry, it leaves the hands of the dedicated laundry staff and makes its way to production, which is based in Thornbury, Victoria.

“Labels and buttons are done in production. The finishing touches are also done by hand”

The only thing that isn’t from Australia is the raw fabric. There are no denim mills left in Australia. Denim is sourced from premium denim mills in Japan, Europe and the USA. Talk about quality! If the fact that these must have jeans are Australian made was not enough to lure you in, then perhaps their dedication to quality control will.

Like we stated earlier, no body does denim like Nobody Denim.

Photography courtesy of The Staunchest.