Evolution: The ‘Growing up of shoe’ collection – Joshua Sanders

The term ‘happy feet’ never rung truer than when we slipped into our first pair of Joshua Sanders shoes. Think of it as street couture for your feet, a little bit sassy and fun, totally innovative and the type of shoes that will make heads turn… because no one has time to be a shrinking violet.

The cult shoe label with ‘an NYC soul and Italian body’ has been rocked by every fashion conscious, street-style maven who owns an Instagram account. Striking and edgy, they are known for elevating your jean and t-shirt combinations from boring to SOHO, NYC (or any other global hotspot where creative souls roam the streets). But don’t let the smiley faces and fun factor fool you. Behind the playful and street inspired shoe range is an ethos based on quality and craftsmanship. Something CEO and Creative Director Mr.Vittorio Cordella has prioritised since the labels inception.

A man who wears many hats, Cordella has had a long-standing history in the fashion and creative fields.  For the better part of the last decade, he has owned and run 2 stores, founded t-shirt brand LaLaLove , co-founded Giacomorelli shoes and founded JS. Selfmade Man. A culmination of experience which has led to the avant-garde nature of the Joshua Sanders brand. A brand which produces luxury and unique designs which are the perfect expression of the connection between Italian craftsmanship and international research undertaken in NYC, the brands beating heart. 

Each collection is inspired by the streets of some of the world’s most vibrant locations. Think the shining lights of Hong Kong or the pastel-colored Art Deco buildings of Miami.The brands ethos is representative of what LOVE TWAIN are all about, travel, wanderlust, art and an approach to fashion that is anything but boring.

We simply needed to know more so we spoke about the EVOLUTION of the ‘The Growing Up Of’ collection with the man himself…Mr.Vittorio Cordella

This collection is called:
The growing up of …

It was inspired by:
The desire of travelling

The textiles we used in this collection are:
Ecofur, wool, felt and suede

They were sourced from:
Italy – only

Why these fabrics:
Those are experimental fabrics in order to create shoes with different and new material

The colours and prints are:
Colors like beige, green, black, blue but also bright colors like fuxia, orange and yellow

We don’t have many prints in this collection but we have patches and embroidery dedicated to the classic icon of the cities that we like.

The standout shoe from this collection is:
For men – the BOMBER capsule which is inspired by the classic aviator jackets
For women – the Fox Pom Pom lace up which represents a woman who is elegant, edgy and sophisticated

How many hours were involved in designing this shoe collection:
The process of designing a collection cannot be calculated: every day you can get inspiration by different situation like food, travels, music . So don’t think you are working, just enjoy the moment

Talk us through the process of producing a shoe from this collection:
I design a shape and take some inspiration of materials and send this to our factory. After that, the factory begins making the prototype. I receive it and I directly cut or design the line I want to change.

After that, I receive the new sample and then if it’s ok, we launch the materials and the application. It’s funny and unexpected to receive them, sometimes you become really emotional and proud.

We manufacture our shoes in Italy because we want to keep the best quality and workmanship possible.

Describe your personal process of putting a collection together:
Travelling, shooting pictures of places, food, colors, panoramic view, building. After that, I feel really inspired so I can make the collection adding new styles, colors and materials found after the our research.

If this collection was a city it would be…
Definitely Seoul because there are two shoes specifically dedicated and because I went there last October during my incubation process of the new collection and I got lot of great ideas.

My design aesthetic in three words:
Clean, simple, minimalist

My favourite shoes from this collection:
The bomber boots in navy

The woman I have in mind when designing is:
It depends on the capsule – it can be a young cool woman who travels around for fun looking for new experiences or can be an edgy and cosmopolitan manager who want to be sophisticated and comfy.

Discover Joshua Sanders here.
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