Evolution: The Evolution behind those delicious L’AFSHAR clutches..

Give a girl the right shoes clutch and she will conquer the world…

Here is the thing about arm candy, the days of safe, boring and borderline grandma clutches are behind us. The modern day design is sleek, structured and all about mixing resin and acrylic materials with bold colours and patterns. Invest in the right design and you will make your ASOS white shirt look like a Cote D’Azur purchase and will take all your outfits from ‘same-same’ to fashion ‘it girl’ status. Not sure where to start… L’AFSHAR has you covered.

If the name rings a bell that would be because the coveted accessories label has all but gone from concept to the pages of Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR and into the paws of fashion trendsetters in just a few years. Launched in 2014 by the talented and equally driven Lilian Afshar, the eye catching creations have helped place the humble clutch back onto the essentials list and not just for those glamorous nights out, no.

Afshar describes her designs as ‘simple and wearable’ however simple they are anything but. Lilian’s designs are distinctly unique, drawing on her long held love affair with travel and culture. The British-born, Iranian designer nowadays resides in Dubai where her clutches are produced with the utmost quality. It is a market in which they have swiftly taken on a cult status. Not a small feat for a corner of the world where anything and everything is available and price tags are never considered.

As L’AFSHAR’s star rises so does the list of coveted stockists world wide which has expanded to include Saks Fifth Avenue. Naturally, TWAIN had to spend some time talking concepts and evolution with the name behind those delicious clutches that you needed in your wardrobe yesterday.

The collection is called…
The Marble trianon meets Wes Anderson (all clutches named after Wes Anderson characters)

My inspiration was…
The stairs, windows, walls, floors at the Marble trianon in Versailles with a touch of Wes Anderson aesthetic (i.e a lot of pink)

The idea was…
To fuse 2 different worlds together

The collection took 5 and a half months to put together.

The materials used are resin and acrylic… they were sourced from Dubai. Our resin (marble look) is all casted in our workshop in Dubai

The colours and prints in this collection are…
Pinks, burgundy, emerald, grey and black. Prints are the Agatha clutch inspired from my endless love for M.C Escher, the Alistair is inspired by the steel windows at the Marble Trianon.

Talk us through the process of producing one of your bags ?
Most of the time is taken for samples and producing the sheets we use. For example if we have 3 new marble colours in a new collection, it takes a number of times to cast it and create perfect the colour for each sheet. I do all the designing on Pixelmator since all the clutches have texture/pattern it makes it much more easier to visualise.

How many hands do one of your bags go through before being sent to a customer?
Roughly around 9

What makes this collection unique?
Most can come in a one sided design option. Meaning the pattern is one side and the other side is grey marble. This is our newly launched 2 in 1 clutch

What is your favourite bag from the collection?
Definitely the Agatha clutch. Its the one with different marble pieces fused together to form a cube illusion.

If this collection was a city, it would be… NYC

Our customer is… Daring, an explorer and an extrovert

Follow the L’AFSHAR life in photos here: @LilianAfshar