Evolution: Tiki Temptation collection, Sarah’s Bag

Here is the thing about investment bags, they come with a side of guilt. It kind of goes a little like… ‘extra car repayment and groceries or minimum car repayment, a month’s worth of ramen noodles and a bag?!’. TWAIN always choose the latter. And as our bag family expands and our wallets shrink we can’t help but feel a little sense of buyer’s remorse. However all that changed when we came across Sarah’s Bag. The delicious bag line which hails from Lebanon features elaborately beaded and hand sequined designs that tell stories of Middle Eastern culture, travel and wanderlust. However, even more enticing than the striking aesthetic is the ethos behind the business.

Since 2000,  Lebanon-born creative director Sarah Beydoun has worked with local artists to provide a means of rehabilitation and a craft to underprivileged women. The result, one of a kind luxury bags which empower both the women who helped create them and the women wearing them. Each creation is a reflective of Beydoun’s attention to detail, vibrancy and free-spirited nature, taking ordinary outfits to extraordinary heights all the while backing a worthy cause.

TWAIN simply needed to know more so we spoke about the EVOLUTION of the Tiki Temptation Collection, with the woman behind ethical and sustainable fashion with a conscience.

Tiki Temptation is a season ticket for the island hopper to leave the world behind and go from sail boats to beach villas, from hammocks to beach bars, all in style!

I started this collection out of love for all that is tropical and colorful. It took me 3 months to put this collection together.


Talk us through the materials and textures you used in this collection?
I used carved and hand painted wood along with embroidery of thread and glass beads on canvas. All materials were sourced from Lebanon.

The colours and prints in this collection are:
Tropical and summer colors and textures of the ultimate summer getaway.


My ‘ah ha’ moment in designing this collection was when I saw a
beach bar sign in Mykonos

Talk us through the process of producing one of the bags?
Well, it all starts with inspiration, an idea, something we saw on the street, something that inspired me during my travels, a line from a song my mother loves…it could really be anything.

Then we move from inspiration to a clear idea, to a design that our artisans inside and outside prison can work on by hand.

Once the women have finished the decorative aspect of the bag, it is sent to craftsmen and hand bag makers to execute the final product. All in all, we are talking about a process of approximately 6 weeks, sometimes more depending on the handwork required

How many hands do one of your bags go through before being sent to a customer?
Many hands! The atelier prepares the raw material, the crafts women works on it, the artisans transforms it to a bag, the quality control team inspects it and the logistics team packs it.

What is your favourite bag from the collection?
The ‘Tiki Monster’ with birds as clasp. I think it is the chef d’oeuvre of this collection and it represents it very well.

If this collection was a city, it would be:
This collection cannot be a city… it’s an island ‘Honolulu’

The Sarah’s Bag customer is all about:
The woman who wears Sarah’s Bag appreciates both the fashion and the cause; she is creative, expressive and definitely has a sense of humour. She also finds a sense of purpose and empowerment when she buys our bags because she knows she is contributing positively to the lives of underprivileged women.

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