Evolution: Viktoria Novak, the Evocative Prequel collection

Let’s be honest… we all have a little Blair Waldorf in us. What girl wouldn’t want to rock a queen worthy headpiece from time to time? The good news, we no longer need to wait to get married or to find prince charming to have a legitimate excuse to wear one. Once reserved to royals of a regal kind, these days crowns, and headpieces are the stuff fashion icons are made of. You can thank the rise of street style mavens, D & G and our very own Viktoria Novak for allowing you to rock a headpiece like the queen that you are, sans the pursuit of prince charming.

If you follow Australian fashion, then the name Viktoria Novak needs little introduction. Milliner to the stars, Novak has been creating dreamy headpieces, for weddings, fashion shows and events for some time now. A race day favourite, Novak’s pieces have been worn by the likes of Jodi Gordon, Jennifer Hawkins, Nicole Warne, and Kate Waterhouse and has featured in fashion publications like VOGUE, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. With a background in interior design, Novak has poured her creative talent into adding the final touches to ensembles with showstopping pieces that are nothing short of a fairytale ending.

TWAIN spoke to Novak about the evolution of Evocative Prequel collection…

Talk us through the inspiration behind the Evocative Prequal Collection…
We consider this collection bridal, however there are a number of pieces in the collection that can be worn as a fashion accessory or to an event. The collection is inspired by the hauntingly beautiful, the romantic and vintage styling. The actual name itself symbolises looking at something that evokes or sparks a feeling that really takes over you. It’s not just a superficial thing on the surface that you are looking at, you get a feeling. Also, when you wear a piece you prequel – back in time.

What I’ve done is a best of hits over the last 10 years. I have taken inspiration from what women want to wear – and that is why the collection is so large. So you’ll notice there are all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and materials such as gold, silver, brass and crystals. Prequal- where it all began.

Favourite piece from the collection…
The All Spectrum. The queen of queens. She is an iconic signature gold brass crown, so amazing that even I myself haven’t been able to recreate her. She is an iconic crown just like an iconic Chanel bag and will remain iconic and classic forever. I love creating her every single time. When someone orders her, I get a little thrill because I know that there will be another one in the world out there.

There is a cap – I never create more than say 50 pieces of the one design. But in saying that, I can create one-offs, sometimes two, sometimes no more than 10 – it just varies.

The All Spectrum will have a cap. It’s coming to an end soon – so whoever has or is planning to order her, they’re going to be super lucky because it’s going to be a special, collective piece.

Who will be your next ‘queen’ then?
The next queen is coming. I am working on her now and she will be in the next collection. Think royal, but stepping it up a notch and adding an extra element in there. That’s all I can say at this stage.

Talk me through the materials used to make a crown?
The Anastasia – she is another iconic, well-known crown, is made from raw gold brass. I came up with the design of the leaf which was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. The design is pressed out into a big sheet metal and punched out into little jigsaw pieces. Then it’s put together and it also finished off with Swarovski crystals and sometimes pearls.

We can use layering, embroidered fabrics that I have sourced from all around the world like vintage lace, or French lace or lace imported from Italy – anywhere from around the world. That is why they’re unique. NO two pieces are ever identical because they are hand made.

Do you hand make each piece or do you have a team that helps you?
Nope, they are made by me, myself and I. A lot of people think I have minions (I wish I did), but no I custom make absolutely everything you see on my website. With the exception of ready to wear and bridal – which I also design but they are made off shore. There are only 12 pieces in that small collection. We don’t focus too much on those as the core business and what I love is creating my own designs. Everything you see is handmade by me. A lot of people will say ‘wow you probably never sleep’ and nope I definitely don’t! I work 6 days a week – but I am so lucky that I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work to me.

How many hours are involved from initial sketching and concept to producing a crown?
It varies depending on the actual crown. Some production can take 4 hours others 7.
The All Spectrum, as an example, will take around 2.5 days of production from concept to the finished product. From the initial consult with the client and making sure it will style well for their wedding. We offer styling for weddings as well – it’s a whole package. We like to make sure we are selling the right piece to the right client.

Describe the VN design aesthetic?
More is more. I do like to take a little bit of risk. Rather than stopping at something, I like to push the boundaries. I always think, let’s add something else – if it works let’s go for it and if it doesn’t then we remove it.

It’s very royal and grand, very feminine but can be creepy, lady- like. It’s fantasy. It’s more queen like rather than princess like. You have to feel it and rock it.  My clients are the types of girls that want to walk in a room and they want everyone to look at them and say WOW they love their crown – because of the way it makes them feel. It’s very powerful…

Viktoria Novak is a reflection of the way I am with fashion. I was always obsessed with fashion growing up. I was always the one in the room who wanted to wear something weird and different. I didn’t want to conform and be the same as everyone else. Walking in a room to a black tie event where everyone wears black, I would walk in wearing white. I don’t like following rules… The VN girl is very much that, while keeping it very elegant, stylish and timeless.

If this collection was a city, what city would it be?
Paris… haunted, castles and ghostly.

For more information and inspiration, visit the Viktoria Novak website here.