Evolution: What’s rocking behind ROCKINS

If Sunday night vinyl sessions with smoke and whiskey in hand are your kind of vice, or you include The Stones and Moss amongst your style icons, then chances are you own a slice or ROCKINS action in your wardrobe. Founded by couple Tim Rockins and Jess Morris, the London-based label boasts the kind of pieces that would leave Mick Jaggar and Steven Tyler feeling envious. The kind of label worn by models who date rock stars and street-style icons who spend money on concerts over their makeup stash. Filled with 1920’s inspired skinny scarves, vintage paisley prints and denim that looks like it has achieved several world tours, it is the type of label that all your teenage rock n roll dreams are made off.

The ROCKINS story is one of humble beginnings and by humble we really mean making scarves for supermodel and muso friends. While we were all busy neatly cutting out magazine images of Moss to create our wardrobe mood boards, Tim and Jess were busy helping accessorise her envious street style looks. It wasn’t long before the scarves hit the likes of Net-a-Porter, Matchesfashion and every perfectly curated boutique in between. Expanding to include a clothing range, the sought after label doesn’t rely on forceful advertising and gimmicks. Its approach to growth is as cool and understated as the ROCKINS designs worn by some of fashion’s most iconic names.

Here we delved a little deeper into the ROCKINS psyche with the husband and wife duo that give new meaning to “relationship goals”.

Behind the brand: 

Tim Rockins and Jess Morris

Official role: 

Rock n’ roll lux fashion designers

Describe the ROCKINS ‘ah ha’ moment?

Rockins happened so organically there was not really an ah ha moment, no plans or strategy, more of a beautiful dawning. Tim was using the name Rockins as his DJ name as our kids kept mispronouncing our actual family name Watkins.  We thought the name was pretty cool so when we started making our first few scarves and had to call it something, Rockins was the obvious choice.

Scarves first because… 

It was a way in! An entry point to launching Rockins as a lifestyle and fashion brand. There were no skinny scarves on the market so we saw a window and jumped right through it!

How do you and your partner work together to get the job done?

Some days with great difficulty, as professional differences of opinion can roll over into family time but on the whole working and living together is great as we are constantly on the job. Most of our design ideas come about when we are relaxing with a beer in the evenings, then we get into it and excited and pull out books and references and draw ideas. Our working days are all about meetings and execution.

What was your experience in design and fashion prior to Rockins?

Well Tim has always been designing – primarily for Gorillaz where he worked for 10 years on product design and development. I have been in fashion PR and marketing all my life – at Agent Provocateur and Vivienne Westwood among other stints here and there…. So we both bring strengths that inform our branding direction.

The Rockins brand is all about…

Rock n roll, authentic denim, amazing prints and louche styling.

What is your design philosophy?

Stick to what you know and do it well. We know who we are and have a strong brand identity. We try to keep the brand focused and not to get swayed.

What inspires you?

Rock ‘n’ roll and our Rock ‘n’ Roll heroes, youth culture through all decades, the seventies, 50s Bikers, our amazing friends, psychedelia, hell raisers, star chasers, trail blazers and rule breakers.

Describe the Rockins chick?

She’s cool, smart and has a killer soundtrack to her day.