Fashion: 90’s Sade… oh yes!

I have come to realise, I don’t really have A style… and I am ok with that.

I love quality pieces – that cost that little bit more. But I have no issue with thrift shopping and buying second hand vintage pieces. One day I’m rocking the all black everything look. The next, I am all for that sports luxe vibe (because I am feeling anything but creative). Last month I was forever googling Victoria Beckham and finding ways to dress more structured. And then this week I’m screenshotting and researching 90s fashion on my phone and adding every pair of vintage Levis I can find online in my shopping cart.

Nothing screams 90s to me more than Sade.

Denim shirts. High waisted cuts. Turtle necks. Big earrings. Fresh skin. Red lips. Ah… I have a smile while writing this post.

Nostalgia – there’s something about it. Sade reminds me of my childhood- my dad used to listen to Sade on cassette. Smooth operator (pun intended!).

So I’ve collected a series of Sade looks from the 90s. So while you scroll through for some serious 90s musings, I am going to purchase a pair of those vintage Levis that have been haunting me all week, find the perfect shade of 90s red lipstick for my lips which I will be rocking with my Reliquia spiral hoops.

A x