Fashion: Silk slip dressing for every moody occasion

Basically, it’s time to re-define basic. Gone are the days when shopping for staples meant sticking to the jeans and t-shirt department and buying a dress was reserved for those special occasions. Now before grandma gets too excited, we’re not about to give you a ten-step program on wearing pink and dressing your ‘Sunday best’. What we’re about to tell you is to live a little. Invest in that silk dress you have been eyeing off all week for that romantic date and wear it the next day over a t-shirt with your favorite slippers for that all important de-brief with the girls (as you go through the reasons Tinder dating is not ok).

In the most cliche of lines, when it comes to wardrobe essentials, no wardrobe is complete without a silk dress. It is the single most versatile item that will cater to all your moody needs. No truly, let us explain.

Feeling sexy: Insert slip + red lip and those statement heels you are still paying off on your credit card.

Feeling boho: Insert slip + 100 bangles and all your mismatched necklaces. Finish with a floppy hat.

Feeling like Kim K. (***we don’t judge):  Insert slip + your favorite oversized denim jacket and the most ridiculously high pair of boots or heels you own. Roll jacket off the shoulders as you walk out because heck jackets are no longer there to keep us warm.

Feeling like a stroll in NYC: Insert slip + layer it over your favorite white tee. Add Stan Smith sneakers. Mess up your hair before you walk out the door because “I woke up like this”.

Feeling classic. Insert slip + your favorite statement earrings. Pull hair back into a painfully tight ballerina bun and finish with a cat eye. Audry Hepburn, eat your heart out.

Feeling pressed for time: Insert slip dress. Well, that’s it really. It speaks for itself.

Feeling Parisian: Insert slip dress + your favorite structured blazer because a blazer is the answer to everything. Add a red lip and cut a fringe before you walk out the door.

Still not 100% sold? Let us explain in pictures…

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