Fashion: The entry level to rocking the vintage trend (at least once…)

The vintage look is not so much a trend but a rite of passage. Because no fashion devotee has gone without scouring vintage shops at least once in their life. Now, if taking a $3 jumper and making it look like 80’s Chanel is not quite your thing (we personally couldn’t sew a button back on let alone resurrect a piece) then it’s best to stick to a safer option, rummaging through your mum’s or grandmother’s wardrobe. Chances are you will find one of the below ‘entry-level’ pieces to dressing the part. If not sit back, coffee in hand, put on a Janis Joplin vinyl and do vintage online. Because finding the right piece at your local op-shop is an art form and we’re not all the artists.

 Vintage Levi Jeans

You know a girl is comfortable in her own skin and dresses for herself when she can rock a pair of vintage Levi’s and strut the streets like the sultry maven that she is. A wardrobe staple and the perfect entry level into rocking the vintage trend without looking like you jumped out of a recycled 90’s Christmas card.

A relaxed fit is both understated and provides endless styling options. Pair your vintage cut with a black tee and heels for weekend lunch dates. Dress them up with a silk scarf around the waist and add a touch of colour with the right shirt. If your mum doesn’t own a pair, then SHOPBOP will do the job.

Round Ray Bans

Now let’s be honest. Round Ray Ban’s are not the latest “trend” for any street style maven and rock chick at heart has been wearing them for as long as they have been around… but yes, they are having a moment. This is the perfect time to whip out a pair as if they had been sitting at the bottom of your drawer for the past few years. “What these old things? Oh, I’ve had them forever?”.

If your mum, dad, uncle, godmother or neighbour don’t own a vintage pair, the Sunglass Hut will step in to help, for a ‘not so vintage’ price. But hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do…because these sunnies will elevate all your pieces from ordinary to 80’s style maven.

Images via Brooke Testoni.

Chanel earrings

Not feeling the boyfriend jeans and round frames, then add a touch of 80’s glamour with vintage Chanel earrings. Because nothing makes a statement like effortless, pulled back hair and statement jewellery. Think clip on’s, distressed gold plated and in this case ‘bigger is better’. We couldn’t help but obsess over this Nadia Fairfax cut, taking your black dress from pretty to Jackie Onassis vibes instantly.

A vintage bag

Sonia Rykiel 90s bag – for the traveller. Because when it comes to travel, your flight attire should always be on point and this bag will do the job. Large enough to carry all your travel essentials, but not too big to take on the plane. Most importantly, it will scream understated, well-dressed, world-traveller and add a little something-something to your jeans and tee combination without looking like you just purchased and entirely new wardrobe for your travels (guilty). Find the perfect style while actually shopping vintage at Claire Inc.

Or a vintage Chanel – who could resist!? Other than your bank account, but we like to think of these as investment pieces. The bag that will get passed down for generations to come. A vintage Chanel bag is not only a fail proof way of adding a vintage vibe to your ensemble, but it is also the ultimate fashion chameleon. It will add vintage to your jeans and glamour to your dresses. If we sold a right kidney our pick would be this FARFETCH gem.

Get inspired – photos courtesy of pinterest.