Fashion: The lazy girl guide to dressing like a rock star

When it comes to fashion muses, Nicole Trunfio, Erin Wasson and Caroline De Maigret are dominating our current mood board. Their ‘rocker’ meets ‘bohemian soul’ vibes get us every time. There is also something in knowing that young mum, Nicole, always manages to look so put together. Because the ‘I just rolled out of bed vibe’ don’t fool us. Every fashion lover knows that pulling off that “effortless” look is an art form, one that requires good quality basics – despite the worn out look.

So here at TWAIN HQ, where time constraints have made gym clothes (clean gym clothes, no need to gasp, because turns out, we don’t have time to exercise either) the work uniform of necessity, not choice – we have decided to inject some bohemian rocker vibes into our daily look. While a mini summer dress, sun hat and some knee high boots would have been desirable – we thought more along the lines of practical. Here we share our three TWAIN essentials in working towards those effortlessly cool vibes when time is off the essence.

Think pieces that you could easily pick up off your bedroom floor and rock like Wasson strutting the streets of Soho (Warning: but no not really – we wouldn’t dream of leaving our Georgia Alice pieces on the floor. We said look the rocker part – not act it).

Georgia Alice Flared Denim

Show us a present day fashion icon that doesn’t own a pair of flared jeans and we will show you the door. THE cut to own this AW, a good flare jean is the non-needy wardrobe companion. It demands very little other than a white tee and a good platform shoe or heel.

The Georgia Alice Flare Jean not only looks amazing, with the right wash and cut that hugs in all the right places, but here it comes ladies – it is set to become the most comfortable pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Hands down the most comfortable jeans we own at the moment. Have we said comfortable enough? Well they really are THAT comfortable.

Alice McCall – Kiss You In The Morning Top

Big sleeves. Tick. Embroidery. Tick. A little peek a boo action. Tick. Versatile. Tick. Embodies those bohemian Alice McCall vibes we have grown to love so much. Tick, tick & tick.

The kiss you in the morning top embodies all that we stand for at TWAIN HQ. Versatile basic, which is far from… well basic. Elevate any pair of jeans or denim shorts from a 5 to a Nicole Trunfio with this subtly sexy, bohemian shirt. Featuring an embroidered upper half, which will reveal just the right amount of skin and detailing, it is a year round staple. Wear it as a bomber jacket during the day over your favourite camisole and pant combination.

GINIA RTW Chloe Camisole In Cream 

Why Chloe? Because it features a straight neckline, for something a little different. Why cream? Because black and navy are everywhere and we like to live on the edge a little (If you saw us eating you would understand).

We know a camisole is a wardrobe staple, however the this clean and crisp GINIA RTW design offers a slight edge. A lined upper half means you can rock it sans the bra during those balmy summer nights. Boyfriend jeans and red lips, non negotiable of course. When you are done living the night life during those long summer nights, this camisole will become  the partner to all your blazers, thin jackets and to all those ensembles made in Margaret Zhang layering heaven.