Fashion: The new best friend charm …

Girl Squad. The new declaration of love and friendship as started by Taylor Swift and spread across High School ovals like wildfire. We have to say, we prefer the 90’s when you got to tell your bestie that they were your bestie by giving them the other half of your love heart pendant. One that read BEST FRIENDS on a nice little silver chain that looked like it could easily have been attached to your bath plug in a previous life. Cliché as it may be, we just love them best friend feels.

However there comes a time when wearing a $2 charm necklace becomes somewhat unacceptable (or referring to yourself as part of a SQUAD, but hey no judgement here. We love Tay Tay just feel nay nay about them squad titles). So how does a 20 something-year-old (no need to get specific here) share them bestie vibes in the most fashionable of ways? By sharing their favourite statement earrings of course.

Two birds with one stone really, a declaration of your love while rocking a jewellery trend that just won’t go away. Or if you are like LOVE TWAIN, catering to those shopping cravings when the wallet says no. Go halves with your other half and add a touch of something-something to your ensemble.

Discover TWAIN’s kinda jewellery here.