Fashion: Yes… it’s totally acceptable to invest in a girly dress

Here is the thing about girly dresses. They don’t cater to the tomboy at heart. The girl who would rather walk around in a jean and a blazer combination than be caught dead in a dress. That same girl also knows that some special occasions call for something a little more appropriate and dressed up. So what is a girl to do? Think outside the square and invest in an edgy yet feminine design that can be reworked into your wardrobe for seasons to come.

Thank you Georgia! The Georgia Alice holiday dress is the perfect example of feminine dressing done right! Call it your entry level purchase into a slightly less ardogynous wardrobe. Yes we are well aware it has laser cut flowers but on the plus side, no colour in sight. So here is how to style your edgy piece throughout the week.


For those weekends you are feeling a little flirty without compromising on comfort, pair your Georgia Alice holiday dress with a good solid sneaker and leather choker (and by good we mean a fashion friendly sneaker. Leave your ASICS where they belong, in the gym).  The kind of outfit we imagine Carrie Bradshaw would be running around in if SATC were running in 2016.

For those special occasions that call for a little more effort, pair your Georgia Alice holiday dress with a boss heel and gorgeous headpiece (because the TWAIN girl wouldn’t be caught in a boring prom dress… just saying). Pair with a slip dress for weddings (unless you plan on outdoing the bride) and rock with black high waisted undies and bra for those sexier nights out.

For those Sunday lunch dates somewhere fabulous, dress down your Georgia Alice holiday dress with a flat shoe and bucket bag. Create the kind of look that says ‘I am on trend without trying’. It’s the perfect trans-seasonal maxi dress that caters for those slightly warmer days or cooler winter weekends. Just throw on your favourite black coat and boom! The street is your entry to a fashion show. Because we know the hottest looks are no longer just on the catwalks.